Increase Collection Rates & Revenue with Outsourced Billing Services

When you choose to work with a company because they offer a service you need, you should expect accurate, tangible results. We’re not talking about vague, generic results. We’re talking about exact data with proof to back it up. And when you choose Medbill’s outsourced billing services, know that you’re in good hands. 

Since time is of the essence, we’re going to share five ways our outsourced DME billing services will increase your collection rates and revenue. By the end of the article, you’ll be ready to contact us to learn how fast you can start seeing results for your business! 

Outsourced Billing Services That’s All About the Data

Before we explain how we can increase your revenue, you should know why you can trust Medbill to be your billing partner. 

The Medbill team operates with integrity, respect, and commitment. And you’ll be glad you chose us when you see the value we can bring to the table. We ensure you understand the short-term and long-term results using our monthly comprehensive report. Your report will include the business metrics that are most valuable to you. So you’re confident that you made the right decision every month. 

Read for yourself what you can expect in a Medbill report. 

5 Ways Your Collection Rate and Revenue Will Grow with Medbill

“In 11 months, Medbill increased our collections to 83%, and our revenue has increased by 78%.” – A Satisfied Medbill Customer

Accurate and Compliant Document Review

We’ll provide a thorough review for audit-ready quality and compliance on your billing documents. 

Results from our audit readiness service:

  • Increases your timely payments 
  • Reduces your audit risk
  • Ensures payer compliance

Proper Price Table Configuration

Unfortunately, many DME providers struggle with keeping price tables up to date, which skews reports and implies there’s more revenue than reality. 

Results from proper price table configuration:

  • Ensures accurate reporting and revenue collected
  • Strengthens your financial stability
  • Streamlines your revenue cycle 

Clean Claim Submission

Once you submit a claim, our team will thoroughly review its accuracy before sending it for payment. We’ll assist your team with making any changes before submission. 

Results from taking extra care during claims submission:

  • Optimizes your claim accuracy to ensure on-time payment
  • Provides feedback-based solutions, so your staff learns and grows with each claim

Maximize Your Payments

When you take advantage of our cash posting services, we’ll ensure accurate and timely cash posting and reconciliation for your business.

Results from maximizing your payments:

  • Increases your revenue using streamlined and efficient processes
  • Improves labor costs 
  • Decreases denial resolution time 

Provide Solutions to Improve Efficiency  

Our team will educate and train your staff in various areas to ensure their work remains productive and accurate since they’re a central part of the claims submission process. 

Results from improving internal efficiencies:

  • Keeps you informed on any industry changes as they occur 
  • Trains employees on new rules and regulations to maintain claim accuracy 
  • Reviews effectiveness of quality control processes to limit returned claims 

Continue Learning About Outsourced DME Billing Services 

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Imagine What Medbill Can Do for You

You can rely on our team’s expert billing knowledge to reduce time spent on outstanding accounts, manage accounts with care, and increase the financial stability of your business. 

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