At Medbill, we offer revenue cycle management (RCM) services for durable medical equipment (DME) and home medical equipment (HME) providers. These billing areas require specialized approaches that we consider the focus of our business. Throughout the revenue cycle, you can count on our experts to deliver timely and accurate billing management solutions.

Our RCM Services for Durable Medical Equipment and Home Medical Equipment

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Our proven processes deliver industry-leading results. At Medbill, we specialize in the following RCM solutions:

  • Document review: To help you get the reimbursement you deserve; we carefully review each document you submit for accuracy. DME and HME claims go through a detailed compliance and quality review during the claims process. Our document review provides a two-part benefit. First, good data in equals great money out. Starting the billing process with clean claims is the best way to increase collections, improve accounts receivable (AR), and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO). Second, our highly trained reviewers provide an “audit ready” document review in accordance with current LCD’s and payor guidelines.
  • Claims submission: After successfully reviewing your documents, our team will submit it to your payor. Our claims management solutions include services such as price table configuration.
  • Accounts receivable collection: We use a proprietary algorithm and tasking system to manage outstanding billed claims. Our AR collection process enables us to prioritize accounts with the highest reimbursement in mind.
  • Cash posting: Our team will complete the process by providing cash payment posting and reconciliation services ensuring that money due was received accurately and timely.


A Dedicated Team for DME and HME Revenue Cycle Management

The quality of our services comes from our experienced knowledgeable team. We personalize the RCM service for every client to give them accurate results and help them improve the collection percentage of their claims. Advantages of working with our team include:

  • Personalized support: Our staff provides individualized customer support tailored to your payors and products to assist you with the billing process.
  • DME and HME-focused: We dedicate ourselves solely to Durable Medical Equipment billing, giving us a high level of knowledge in the industry.

DME and HME RCM Claims Review

After you submit an order to our team, we’ll perform a full review. We will then submit any accurate claims to the payor and assist with orders that need improvement. This approach sets us apart from our competition during the claims review process:

  • Individual review: Our billing experts go through each order document and apply your payor’s policies and guidelines for optimum accuracy.
  • Detailed feedback: After reviewing your documents, we’ll provide custom feedback on claims that need revisions before submission.
  • Ongoing Staff education: Our feedback-based solutions for DME revenue cycle management will teach your staff how to perform more effective billing in the future.

Durable and Home Medical Equipment RCM Monitoring

After submitting your claims, our team carefully monitors them for any updates. We will notify you quickly about changes such as:

  • Denials: We review & manage denials as we receive them and note trends in rejections to improve your billing processes over time.
  • AR issues: Our team carefully monitors balances and finds effective ways to address accounts receivable.
  • Payor policies: As payor policies change, we update our staff and customers for efficient billing practices in all parties.

Learn More About Our Revenue Cycle Management Services for DME and HME

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