Case Studies

A large DME provider began using Medbill and started with an 88% collection rate as discovered in our proprietary Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review. In 12 months, we increased their collection from 88% to 97%, while shortening the DSO from 75 to 44 days. In this same 12-month period their business grew by 50%! When you outsource your billing hassle, there’s more time to hustle!

Another Medbill customer realized 12% growth in monthly collections within their first 8 months. They loved our 100% US-based staff which made communication and adjustments easy along the way. With an increase in compliance, and knowing they were ‘audit ready’ there was a significant increase in “peace of mind” for this successful business owner. Is your billing department “Audit Ready?”

One skeptical CEO decided to allow Medbill to conduct the Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review for his business. His business was at an 83% collection rate and through the Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review he learned where his money was getting lost in the revenue cycle. Frustrated and distracted with what felt like daily needs within his in-house billing department, he hired Medbill and increased his collections from 83% to 97% in the first 8 months, and is now at 98%. By outsourcing to Medbill, he decreased his billing issues, increased revenue, and shortened DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) which allowed this CEO and his business development executive to maximize their time growing the business and within 24 months his business grew by 41%. Do you know your collection rate? Are you wondering how much it could improve? Let us show you, we give you our word and back it with numbers.

We helped a medium size DME provider improve their DSO by 17 days in their first 15 months.

What are you doing to improve your DSO? Order your Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review now and let our Medbill team show you how you can improve your cashflow and get your money…faster!

After ordering their Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review and outsourcing their billing to Medbill, another customer increased revenue by 14% in 8 months from an 84% collection rate to a 98% and enjoys an average 32 day DSO! Why is it taking your business more than 45 days to collect? Find out today, order your Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review and our let our Medbill team show you how and where to improve your revenue cycle!

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