Medbill is a Billing Department…. Not Just a Claims Submission Service

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Our expert team members review ALL claims before they are sent to the payor. Claim submissions are reviewed for policy compliance and your staff is alerted to any claims that may be missing documentation or might be susceptible to an audit. Our team submits the clean claims and then informs your staff of any remaining claims with errors and explains how to correct them.

The DME industry is a complex and ever-changing environment. Some DME Providers process claims and have an internal Billing Department while others may outsource. So what is the benefit to finding a DME Billing Service such as Medbill and transitioning to a DME Billing Service?

Medbill specializes in DME Billing so our staff is geared toward DME Policies and the effect they have on the ability to get your claims paid. This single focus allows us to gather information and stay abreast of changes quicker and more effectively than Billing Services that process a wide array of claims for a variety of Provider types.


Our Team Makes the Difference

Our team knows DME because that is all we do. We are a true DME billing service. We go above and beyond with services such as:

  • Dedicated customer support: Our reliable DME medical billing services for the USA come with customer service from our team. We are available for questions from your staff via email, phone, or fax. By providing multiple ways for you to contact us, we can deliver more prompt responses and make customer service more convenient for you. Your team will have contacts at Medbill that you know by name, and Medbill employees will know your name. At Medbill, we view ourselves as an extension of your organization.
  • Personalized guidance: As an all-in-one DME medical billing service company, we help every client achieve their revenue cycle management goals. We provide your staff with reimbursement tools and tips customized to your payors and product lines. Our experts work with every client to help them improve their claims practices.
  • Policy information: We provide payor medical policies to you and your staff. When working with many different payors across multiple product lines, it can become difficult for DME’s to keep track of current policies. Our team provides comprehensive policy information and updates for better billing practices.

We Are Great at DME Billing Because It’s All We Do

The sole focus of Medbill is an asset in times of changing policies and lower reimbursement. Staying in front of the shifting landscape is important for DME Providers in order to make the right decisions and stay profitable. Medbill helps you meet that goal by providing a valuable source of information from our Team as well as our network of Clients.

With shrinking reimbursement comes margin analysis and more often than not paying biller’s salaries, benefits and providing them with the tools to perform costs exponentially more than what is paid to a DME Billing Service. Traditionally, a cost savings can be found when transitioning to DME Billing Services. In addition, many offices scramble to cover staff that goes on leave or take time off. When utilizing a Billing Service that is no longer an issue. The DME Billing piece of your business turns all the hard work of marketing and operations into cash. Gain the benefit of having a DME billing department that never takes the day off. We are always processing claims and collecting money for your business.

DME Billing Services is all we focus on at Medbill. We are experts at DME Billing and would love to get the opportunity to assist your business in meeting its goals.

The Outcome is the Difference

Medbill’s DME billing solutions include much more than claims management. Throughout the process your staff is educated on payor rules, policies, and the reimbursement process.

  • Greater accuracy: As your staff submits documentation, our team will help them find areas for improvement and share best practices. This process leads to more accuracy and improved collections as client teams learn how to bill correctly.
  • Increased industry knowledge: We also dedicate ourselves to keeping our clients updated on changes in the DME and HME industry. By keeping our services current in the industry, we also educate our customers.
  • More effective employees: Our claims feedback helps staff members become more efficient at billing. As we work with our clients’ teams, they learn what to look out for when completing orders.

Outsource Your DME Billing to The Experts

By outsourcing your DME medical billing, our proven process ensures fewer denials while providing your staff with valuable knowledge regarding payor policies. Our review also provides a quality and compliance check ensuring your claims are “audit ready”. The end result is decreased denials, lower DSO, increased cash flow, and an educated staff.

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