DME billing solutions

Medbill DME Billing Service utilizes a unique approach to DME Billing Services. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing is heavily scrutinized and payor policies are ever changing.  The nature of reimbursement regulations underlines the need for a reliable partner that can navigate through the billing environment.  Medbill’s innovative methods provide a clear path to Lower Denials and a streamlined revenue cycle for DME Providers.




How can partnering with Medbill help your Company?

Medbill’s DME Billing Service is designed to increase the effectiveness of claims submission while facilitating your staffs’ continued learning of Payor Policy and Guidelines.  Flexible solutions provide each DME Company with improved productivity, lower denials, and a scalable DME Billing Service to handle growth.  Basing the cost of Services on Performance provides an affordable answer to Issues facing DME providers.

What Medbill Offers?

Medbill has an entire department dedicated to the accuracy and compliance of DME Provider paperwork.  When claims are submitted Medbill’s Staff reviews each claim for accuracy, compliance with Payor Policy and even fraud.  Any issues found are promptly brought to the attention of the appropriate client contact and an effort to expedite the resolution of the issues is begun.  Medbill’s Collections department continually works any Denials or AR Issues that arise consistently striving to stay in front of changes in Payor Policy that may affect cash flow.  Cash posting accuracy is ensured by a thorough examination of each entry.  Throughout the entire work flow Medbill’s expert staff is readily available for questions via phone, email or fax.

  • Medbill DME Billing Services is just that:  a DME Billing ServiceMedbill focuses on DME Billing and that is their specialty.  The singular focus increases Medbill’s ability to stay current on Payor Policy.
  • The Flexibility of the solutions offered provides a tailored product to each individual DME Company.
  • Medbill DME Billing Service is available across all US states
  • provides an easy to use quote request feature
  • Medbill DME Billing Services treats large accounts and small accounts equally.  The Strategic approach to division of work provides each Client with the attention they need
  • Timely financial reporting is standard and provided to clients monthly or as needed.
  • New Client Transition to Medbill is handled efficiently and tactically minimizing any change in cash flow during the process.

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