What You Should Know About DME Medical Billing Services

What’s your number one factor when selecting DME medical billing services? Cost? Personable staff? Proof of ROI? A combination of the above? 

Before selecting and working with a DME billing company, you should know that not all DME billing services are created equal. Since most companies offer a full package and a la carte options, selecting the right choice for you could feel overwhelming. Learning the difference between the various services will help you determine which ones you need and which you don’t need. 

What to Expect from Each DME Medical Billing Service 

You might think you only need AR services, or maybe you feel you need a whole billing department. Before you decide what DME medical billing service to use, you should know what the service entails with its goals. That way, you’ll know what your money is paying for each month.

AR Services

This service aims to streamline your AR process by reducing an aging AR, maximizing payments received within the first 30-days, and providing resolution for any issues. 

Services typically included are:

  • Resolution of denied and unpaid invoices 
  • Provide ongoing follow-up to maximize collections
  • Educate your staff on payer policies and guidelines
  • Process claims denials through the available resolution methods

Document Review Services 

When you choose this service, the goal is to ensure all the paperwork is in order and audit ready by checking the quality and compliance of your documents. This service helps to lower your risk of being selected for an audit because it ensures that all submitted claims meet the requirements. 

Services typically included are:

  • Pre-review documents before dispensing
  • Review billing documents to ensure audit readiness 
  • Assistance in gathering documents in the event of an audit

Claims Management Services 

Claims management aims to streamline the billing workflow and ensure internal efficiency and customer retention. 

Services typically included are:

  • A review of patient data records that checks for accuracy on:
    • Policy numbers
    • Deductibles
    • Billing addresses
  • Education and training for employees on filing claims
  • Provide an investigation of your current processes to identify potential issues that occur and provide solutions 

Patient Care Services 

The goal of patient care services is to assist you with navigating patient calls by reducing the time spent on the phone while still addressing (and resolving, when possible) the patient’s concerns. 

Services typically included are:

  • Manage invoices by printing and mailing them
  • Field live incoming patient calls
  • Assist with outgoing mail and phone collection efforts
  • Patient revenue cycle management and reporting 

Full-Service Billing 

The purpose and goal of full-service DME billing are to become your billing department. You’ll work with the DME billing company to determine the services you need to ensure an efficient and successful department. 

Not All DME Billing Companies Are the Same 

Just like how all DME billing services are different, so is the DME billing company. Learn the ten questions you should ask when interviewing DME billing companies to ensure you make the best decision for your business’s future. 

Find the Right Service and Company for You 

When you find the right DME medical billing services and billing company, they become an extension of your business. At Medbill, our team specializes in learning and understanding everything related to DME billing to provide our customers with the best service possible. 

Take the next step and contact us to learn how our DME billing options can help you reach your business goals.