Navigating Many DME Billing Companies to Find the Best One

Outsourcing your durable medical equipment (DME) billing needs to a DME billing company can significantly increase paid claims and reduce the amount of rejected claims. Navigating the various DME billing companies to find the best one can take time and effort. Understanding your needs and goals with a bit of preparation can go a long way.

10 Questions to Ask When Reviewing a DME Billing Company 

As you research and talk with various DME billing companies, you should have specific questions to ask each of them to help you successfully evaluate the company. 

Below are the top ten questions to ask a DME billing company, including Medbill’s answers to each question. 

1. Does the staff handling my DME claims understand the United States Healthcare system?   

Medbill’s staff lives in the US, and they use the same healthcare system as your customers. They understand precisely how to communicate those intricacies and navigate the challenges that exist within the industry.

2. Am I working with industry experts?  

Medbill has staff stay apprised of industry updates. Medbill participates in many state associations that help distribute information to DME Providers across the country. They know what is happening in the industry before it happens and can prepare for it.

3. What’s your reputation?  

Since 2005 Medbill has been at the forefront of DME billing and can provide referrals. 

4. Is my business assigned a team with a team lead that can address my questions daily or only at weekly meetings? 

Medbill provides you with a team lead who can answer questions, provide guidance and share his/her expertise. 

5. Can you become an extension of my staff, supporting and training to foster teamwork and improved ROI?  

Medbill provides help to both your business and your staff through:

  • Support and training 
  • Technology 
  • Expert advice 

6. Will the solution and pricing you recommend cover my business and my goals, or will I encounter a nickel and dime effect after signing a contract?  

Medbill operates with great integrity, creating agreements that are clear before we begin the work.

7. Will the rate you quote provide a quality experience that will drive the success of my business? 

The Medbill staff is highly skilled and ensures a quality experience at a good rate. 

8. Do you have staff that work across different time zones?  

Yes. Medbill has staff to accommodate different areas of the country. 

9. Do you have experience and success working with my product mix and payor mix?  

Medbill has partnered with many different DME providers across the country, and can provide referrals. 

10. How will I know that you are living up to your word?  

Medbill is data-driven and proves their value with scorecards, monthly reports, and data to drive your business goals and prove our value.

Do Your Research on DME Billing Companies 

A qualified DME medical billing company can:

  • Improve your collection rates
  • Shorten your DSO
  • Reduce operating costs 
  • Be an ongoing source of information for billing policies and changes 

Make sure to thoroughly evaluate each company to guarantee you find the best one for your business.

The Value Medbill Provides its Customers

When you choose to partner with Medbill, you’ll work with one of the top DME companies in the US. The Medbill staff are industry experts who strive to meet your needs and goals.

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