A Comprehensive, Consistent Approach to Monthly Reporting

A comprehensive and consistent monthly report on business data helps grow and improve a business. At Medbill, we believe it’s important to measure what matters. Therefore, the Medbill team takes a thorough approach to allow companies to make accurate current and future decisions.

After many years of reviewing billing data from DME providers, we know what’s important. The Medbill monthly data is a comprehensive report with the most valuable business metrics. 

5 Reporting Values

The monthly Medbill reports are a detailed approach to provide businesses with valuable insight. 


When it comes to reporting, accuracy is key. The most common questions about reporting are:

  • Which report to pull for specific data?
  • Which data and information need a regular review?
  • Why does that particular data matter?

The Medbill team provides businesses with the exact information needed, allowing business owners to focus on other essential responsibilities. 


The monthly report will address every aspect of the business that the Medbill team can report on, including: 

  • Isolating significant numbers from an accounting perspective 
  • Providing updated information on Medbill’s progress 
  • Details on current business success 
  • Showing current business trends 


Each Medbill customer receives a timely configured report every month. No delays. No uncertainties. A 100% reliable report. 

Intelligent Reports

These reports are more than numbers on a screen. It’s intelligent reporting that provides the most valuable and essential business data. Then the Medbill team will show and educate staff on these data trends.

Stress-Free Reports

Time should be focused on addressing business needs, not verifying data accuracy. The Medbill reports will always include the most accurate, necessary data so business owners can feel confident in the information. 

The Medbill Promise

Each Medbill customer is unique, and each customer has their own needs. That’s why the monthly reports are configured for each Medbill customer. The reports include the information and data that matters to each specific business. A Medbill customer recently said:

“I know I already said it on the conference call but I want to follow up and reiterate what I said, this is really fantastic work on the scorecard! This scorecard will reinforce, influence, and be the provender for intelligent discussions and decisions. We have been in business for over 30 years and have never had the metrics, let alone the data, that we do now. We are with the right people at the right moment. Please keep up the great work!”

At Medbill, each customer receives an accurate, comprehensive, intelligent, stress-free, and consistent monthly “scorecard” report. 

Learn Why Medbill is the Best Choice for Businesses 

As a DME billing company, we understand the U.S. healthcare system. The Medbill team is committed to helping companies with their DME billing needs while providing consistent reporting on the data. 

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