5 Essential Qualities for DME Billing Management

Personalized guidance. Dedicated customer support staff. Improved billing accuracy. Those are just a few qualities you should expect from your DME outsourcing partner.

As you continue your search for DME billing management services, make sure to find a company that will provide you with the above qualities and more. 

DME Billing Management Services

DME billing management services offer an effective solution to DME businesses that need additional assistance within the company while reducing overall operational costs. This can include needing help with AR, cash posting, claims management, audit assist, document review, and even revenue cycle management. When choosing to work with Medbill, you can receive services that include several of your needs or you can select one of our a la carte options.

Type of Qualities to Look for with DME Billing Management

You’ve researched DME billing companies, you know what you need assistance with, and you have a budget. Before you select which DME billing company to partner with, you should thoroughly review their company to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Here’s a list of qualities to review to make this process easier. During this review, you might need to meet with the billing company to answer the questions, but if you want a successful long-term solution, it’s worth the time.

#1 Experience and Knowledge 

There are several parts you’ll want to look at when reviewing a company’s experience and industry knowledge. Keep in mind, to review how they can help you now and help you as your business grows.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Does their staff understand the US healthcare system?
  • Do they have experience and success working with my product mix and payor mix?
  • Do they have experience working with growing companies?

#2 Working Partnership 

You’ll want to find out what their process is for working together.

  • Do they have staff that works across different time zones?
  • Is my business assigned a team and a team lead that can address questions any day of the week? Or do I need to batch questions for weekly meetings?
  • Can they become an extension of my staff, supporting and training to foster teamwork and improved ROI?

#3 Typical Results 

What kind of results can you expect with the DME billing management services you receive? How will they prove the work they’re providing you lead to tangible results? Here’s what you can ask them.

  • Will I receive comprehensive monthly reports with updates on the services you’re providing?
  • Will the reports include accurate data that shows an ROI?
  • Does their solution and price cover my business and my goals? Will  I encounter a nickel and dime effect after signing a contract? 
  • Will the rate they quote provide a quality experience that will drive the success of my business?  

#4 Core Values

Core values are part of the company’s foundation on why they exist, how everyone should act, how they look towards the future, and more. This should be listed on their website and help you see if their values align with your company values. 

#5 Reputation

This is vital! It helps you to know how they are living up to their word, and you’re receiving valuable services and results. Ask for customer testimonials, find online reviews, and talk to current and past customers. It’ll help you see the reputation they’ve built as a business.  

DME Billing Management & The Medbill Advantage 

You might be wondering how Medbill would meet the qualities for DME billing management, find out below. 

#1 Experience and Knowledge 

Since 2005, the Medbill staff continues to provide quality services. Our team uses the same healthcare system as your customers and understands how to communicate and navigate the challenges. In addition, we have several staff members on Medicare Jurisdiction, so we can prepare for changes before it happens.

#2 Working Partnership 

We have a team of people for every time zone. When you contact your team lead, they will readily be available to answer questions, provide guidance and share his/her expertise. Throughout your partnership with us, we’ll provide support and training to help both your business and your people improve. Additionally, we have a specialist who will visit on-site to further advance our training and care for your goals.

#3 Typical Results 

We’re a company that operates with great integrity. There are no surprises when we create clear, straightforward agreements, so you know what you’ll receive.

At Medbill, we believe it’s essential to measure what matters. You’ll receive a comprehensive report with business metrics that are important to you. Learn more about our reports and what you can expect.

#4 Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Continual Development
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Learn more about the above values here.

#5 Reputation

We’re proud of the work we provide for our customers. Read some of our testimonials here.

Medbill increased my collection rate from 88% to 98%, while shortening our Day Sales Outstanding from 75 to 44 days. In this same time period, our business grew by 50%!” – A Satisfied Medbill Customer

Are You Ready to See Results?

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