“Medbill increased my collection rate from 88% to 98%, while shortening our DSO from 75 to 44 days. In this same time period our business grew by 50%!”

– Anonymous



“We realized 12% growth in monthly collections within our first 8 months and we love working with Medbill’s 100% US-based staff”

– Anonymous



“After hiring Medbill I went from an 83% to a 97% collection rate in the first 8 months, and am now at 98% and within 24 months my business grew by 41%. Medbill made it possible for my employees to focus their attention on growing the business.”

– Anonymous



“As medium size DME provider we are so thankful Medbill improved our DSO by 17 days in the first 15 months!”

– Anonymous



“Medbill increased our revenue by 14% in 8 months from an 84% collection rate to a 98% and we enjoy an average 32 day DSO! We’re very happy we hired Medbill.”

– Anonymous



“The web portal is great. Doing my AR is a lot faster, thanks so much”

– Jawana Tatum, Penrod Medical



“Anytime I call or e-mail a question I get an immediate response.  Whoever answers the phone is always personable and willing to help out anyway they can”

– Kristen Ulakovi, Lifeline Sleep Centers



“The process went extremely smooth. And, we’re seeing the results, as our collections are coming in significantly faster.”

– Craig Rae



“They make me feel like I am their most important client”

– Jocelyn D’angelo, HomeTown Oxygen Charlotte