DME Medical Billing Services: Increase Your Business Control

DME Medical Billing Services: Increase Your Business Control

Did you know that outsourcing some or all of your DME medical billing services can give you more control over your business? DME billing services improve your control over your processes while managing your revenue more effectively. Now you might be wondering then which DME billing service you should outsource – everything or maybe just one or two services? 

After reading this article, you’ll learn more about the available DME medical billing services and how outsourcing them can increase your overall business control and, ultimately, your revenue. 

DME Medical Billing Services for DME Providers

Medbill offers several DME billing services to assist with your billing needs. 

For the purpose of this article, we will review some of the most common services in depth.

AR Collection Services

AR collection aims to gather the funds from any outstanding accounts while processing claim denials through various resolution methods to collect payment. 

Your Advantage: This service helps increase your financial stability so that you can have valid, accurate data to review when making business decisions.

Why Medbill: Our team will put a strategic and prioritized task list in place to keep your AR clean and ensure the highest dollar claims are paid first.

Cash Posting Services

Cash posting services address potential problems within the revenue cycle and resolve them before they occur. This lowers your denial resolution time, ensuring more timely payments. 

Your Advantage: This service helps to reduce overall labor costs and gives you accurate data on your business’s current cash flow.

Why Medbill: We’ll keep you up to date on billing and coding regulations while quickly resolving the few denials that may occur, so there’s no time lapse in payment. 

Claims Management Services

This service handles the backend and frontend of patient requests for outstanding due amounts. Claims management helps streamline processes to reduce workflow interruptions and improve internal work efficiency and customer retention. 

Your Advantage: You’re able to increase your quality control over claims submitted without training current and incoming staff.

Why Medbill: If you choose, our team can train your current staff on the new claims process and help them to understand the filing procedures. 

Document Review Services

The Document review team will thoroughly examine all your claims to ensure they are audit ready and meet all compliance requirements. 

Your Advantage: Prepare yourself and your business in the event a claim audit occurs. All the proper documentation is in place to ensure a smooth process.

Why Medbill: We can provide you with customized options to fit your needs, including our pre-review services, which work in conjunction with our document review, to significantly lower your audit risks.

Learn How Outsourcing Can Increase Your Revenue 

Read the five benefits of DME billing outsourcing to understand how you can free up time while increasing your claims reimbursements.

Do You Know About the Benchmark & ROI Review?

At Medbill, we are a leader in providing DME medical billing services. The Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review allows our team to uncover the areas of your greatest billing needs, measure the percentage of your current claim collected, and provide you with the potential ROI for our services. 

Outsourcing DME billing is something many DME providers do. Contact us for a quote on how much DME billing services would cost for you.

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