Medbill’s DME billing services will help streamline your workflow and create more efficient processes while maintaining claims compliance. Our team provides support to the back-end operations using the most popular DME billing software in the industry. 

The Medbill team will make sure that you’re gaining the maximum value from your DME billing software program. Contact our team to learn more about our DME billing services. 

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your DME Billing Software? 

If you’re not taking full advantage of your DME billing software, you can be missing out on valuable resources. Our billing service includes helping your team manage and make significant improvements to your DME billing processes through your DME billing software. 

Maximize Your DME Billing Software 

Working within the complex durable medical equipment and home medical equipment billing guidelines, it’s essential that you’re making the best use of your DME billing software. Top billing software has the capability to streamline your processes, provide patient engagement, assist with the referral and intake process, and more. In addition, our team’s expert knowledge can ensure you’re maximizing your DME billing software! 

Billing Services Available 

dme billing services for dme software

The Medbill team can assist from a billing perspective, giving you a competitive edge. Our team is experienced in working with the most popular billing software programs. Once you start your service, we will be able to begin refining your program and workflow.

Some of our services include:

  • Best practices to improve collections
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Increase program efficiencies
  • Price tables assistance
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Cash posting
  • “Audit ready” document review
  • Patient pay

Tangible Results Since 2005! 

Our 100% U.S. based team has over a decade of experience using the most popular DME billing software on the market. We follow a strategic process that supports your back-end operations while still providing tangible results. The Medbill team is the largest US staffed DME billing company in the United States. 

We use a team approach, and you will always have access to your dedicated account managers when working with Medbill. You can trust that our skill, knowledge and expertise will meet all your needs. 

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