Top Selling DME Product Trends to Watch

The last few years may have been unexpected. Still, the durable medical equipment (DME) industry is now stable, with the potential for growth trending upward. And when you combine that with a growing elderly population, the opportunity for sales is exponential. That’s good news for the DME industry! 

Now you might wonder, what are some good items to stock up on for upcoming orders. While we can’t predict the future, we can see potential trends for the top-selling DME products that might help you plan. 

Top Selling DME Product Trends 

As the world changes, so does the DME marketplace and patient needs. Here are a few trends for top-selling DME products that could lead to increased demand.

CPAP Supplies 

Since 2020 research has indicated that there has been an increase in sleep disorders, and studies show that two out of three Americans’ sleep patterns have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Unless they begin developing healthier habits, more people will likely start to rely on a CPAP machine (and CPAP supplies) in the future.

Personal Care Supplies

As mentioned above, the elderly population is growing. If these men and women want to stay in their homes, they’ll need personal care items to help them with their daily living. These items can include bath chairs, dressing aids, and toilets. 

Oxygen Tanks

Studies reveal that deaths from chronic respiratory diseases are growing; just in 2015, this disease was a leading cause of death in the United States. If these numbers continue, more people will need oxygen tanks as part of their life. 

Bed Equipment 

Did you know that when a patient needs a hospital bed and supplies, it’s not just for their needs but also for their caregiver? Many people who rely on these supplies are usually bedridden for a period of time due to a physical injury or ongoing illness (dementia). This equipment allows the caregiver to move and care for the patient easier, which makes these items a growing need. 

The Future of DME

Monitoring health trends for Americans will allow you to see upcoming needs for the future. Unfortunately, with product shortages and price increases, making sure you stay profitable is essential for your business. 

There are several ways you can reduce costs, including improving your billing practices to avoid costly mistakes. In addition, making sure you receive payments on time and keeping your systems audit ready will help to avoid losing unnecessary money. 

It’s Time to Strengthen Your Billing Practices 

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