4 Benefits You Can Expect When Working with Medbill

Outsourcing your DME billing services is a significant investment into your future. It helps set your business up for success by increasing your claim approvals, securing timely payments, and decreasing your average unpaid invoices. At Medbill, our team is committed to delivering results-driven services by showing how our work results in your success.

When you choose to work with Medbill, you can expect:

  • Ongoing education for you and your staff 
  • Updates on the latest industry rules and regulations 
  • Increasing your financial stability 
  • A thorough exam of your billing needs using our Benchmark & ROI Review

Ongoing Staff Training and Education 

We understand that many owners want to maintain their current staff. Our team provides training/education, suggestions, repurposing plans, and feedback to ensure your team remains at the company. This helps to ensure you receive the maximum revenue from your claims while equipping your staff with more efficient and streamlined processes.

Help with Navigating Industry Changes

At Medbill, our team stays updated on all current and upcoming industry regulations that could impact your business. We regularly monitor the industry, so we are ready to inform our customers and provide guidance on navigating these changes when they do occur. 

Increase Your Financial Stability Through Outsourcing 

We assist with strengthening your financial stability, including:

  • Reopening and reviewing all denied claims while making changes needed to resubmit them for payment
  • Identify recurring claim errors and stop the problem 

Access to Our Free Benchmark & ROI Review

This DME billing review only requires two to three meetings to complete. It provides insight into your current billing practices and feedback from industry-leading Revenue Cycle Managers. 

Our Benchmark & ROI Review will tell you exactly where you are, and you can compare the results with your current internal company reports. Then we will show you how to increase your collections at the end of the assessment.

Short-Term and Long-Term Results with Medbill

We understand you need to know the ROI for outsourcing with us. That’s why we’re able to provide you with short-term and long-term outcomes that show tangible results. 

Short-Term ROI 

After you complete our Benchmark & ROI Review, we’ll show you some of the potential improvements we can make to your billing process. Once implemented, most of our customers see a higher collection rate within a few months.

Long-Term ROI

As we continue to make enhancements and train your staff, you’ll start to see lower claim denials, decreased days sales outstanding (DSO), and a reduced aging AR.

Download Our White Papers

At Medbill, we provide the DME industry with educational white papers to help with their business. Here are our three latest papers for you to read and download.

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Read What Others Are Saying!

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our services.

“Medbill increased my collection rate from 88% to 98%, while shortening our DSO from 75 to 44 days. In this same time period, our business grew by 50%!” – A Satisfied Medbill Customer

“This scorecard will reinforce, influence, and be the provender for intelligent discussions and decisions. We have been in business for over 30 years and have never had the metrics, let alone the data, that we do now. We are with the right people at the right moment.” – A Satisfied Medbill Customer

“In 11 months, Medbill increased our collections to 83%, and our revenue has increased by 78%.” – A Satisfied Medbill Customer

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