Medicare DME Claims & Outsourcing: What You Should Know

2022 is finally here, following another year of rapidly changing regulations and guidelines. This year many DME providers are trying to determine how to handle their 2022 billing needs – outsource or rely on their in-house team?

An experienced DME billing company, like Medbill, can streamline your billing process, increase your Medicare DME claim approvals, and provide you with additional services while still working with your current staff. Continue reading to learn how outsourcing can help improve your Medicare claim approvals and why it’s a well-calculated investment into your future.

What You Should Know about Billing Medicare DME Claims

Properly fulfilling Medicare DME documentation requirements is essential to ensure claims are approved and paid on time. Since the DME industry regularly makes updates and changes, staying compliant can be demanding. You can read our article on “Medicare DME Documentation Requirements for Providers” to learn more about billing Medicare DME claims and maintaining compliance.  

3 Ways Outsourcing Improves Your Claims AND Your Business 

If billing claims only involved submitting paperwork to Medicare or an insurance provider, employing dedicated staff members might be all you need to succeed. Unfortunately, claim submissions require more than paperwork to secure payment (even more if you’re randomly selected for an audit). 

Here are three ways to improve your claim approvals and business through outsourcing.

#1 Discover Gaps in Your Billing Process

An outsourced team offers a new perspective on your current processes and can look for areas of improvement. For instance, there might be a missing step that is necessary to complete before your team submits a claim.

The Medbill Result: 

The Medbill team will work with you and your staff to thoroughly review your processes while looking for areas of refinement that can reduce claim denials or errors. The result? You’ll see your claim denials decrease while your approvals increase. 

#2 Maintain Your Current Staff (if you desire) Through Training and Education 

If you want to keep your current billing team employed when outsourcing, the correct billing company will work with your team to improve their claims efficiency. 

The Medbill Result: We provide training/education, suggestions, repurposing plans, and feedback to ensure your staff remains at the company. The result? Your team is now better equipped for their positions, improving your Medicare claims submission process. 

#3 More Control from Seeing the ‘Big Picture’ 

Every month you should receive detailed company reports outlining the business metrics you want to know. When this occurs, your outsourced partner will find areas of improvement within the company.

The Medbill Result: We configure our reports to view the data you want to know. The result? We can review the information so our team and you can make well-informed business decisions. Learn more about our approach to monthly reporting.

Why Outsourcing is a Strategic Investment for Your Future  

Throughout this year, regulation changes, industry updates, product recalls, claim audits, and staffing shortages all impacted DME providers. Having an expert partner, like Medbill, can make a significant difference in your business during those occurrences. The Medbill team can help you in several business areas, from patient pay services to revenue cycle management, to becoming a reliable information resource. 

Investing in outsourcing not only improves your billing department but provides you with an industry partner you can trust. Outsourcing DME billing is something many DME providers do. Contact us for a quote on how much DME billing services would cost for you.

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