What They Won’t Tell You When You Search
“How to Bill DME”

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As an expert DME billing company, the Medbill team provides the DME industry with a white paper on What They Won’t Tell You When You Search “How to Bill DME.”

This white paper will provide you with valuable information on billing DME, HME, and DMEPOS equipment.
Download the white paper here. 

Information You Will Learn

This white paper will educate you on the DME billing process when it involves billing clean claims. In addition, the information will help to guide you through billing requirements and provide valuable information about the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

When you download this white paper, you will learn:

  • Essential pieces of the DME billing process 
  • DME billing requirements 
  • Information to include with a medical review 
  • CMS claim information by state 
  • CMS’s Local Coverage Determination 

Navigate the DME Billing Industry 

Durable medical equipment (DME) billing is a heavily inspected industry, so implementing and maintaining a billing environment is essential for success. It helps to reduce claim denials due to the constantly changing payor policies. It allows you to streamline your revenue cycles.

Implementing these three billing practices can help to enhance your billing process. 

#1 Dedicate a Person to Monitor Guidelines Changes 

Selecting a specific person or team of people who monitor potential guideline changes daily will help to increase your clean claims submission.  

#2 Review Medical Necessity Documents 

Ensure someone reviews the claim documents for medical necessity and fulfills all payer guidelines and billing procedures. This includes checking that all physical documents are included, and billing information is correct. 

#3 Conduct a Final Check Before Claims Submission 

 Have a person or team manage a billing procedure or process that reviews all claims before they are submitted. 

Increase Your Revenue and Resources  

When you maintain a consistent billing and clean claim submission process, you will see your resources (time and staff) and revenue significantly increase. For many DME providers, this can be a demanding process. During this process, you’re constantly working with Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and private insurance plan’s rules and regulations that have their reimbursement standards and clinical coverage guidelines.

Outsourcing part or all of your billing needs to a DME billing company is the difference maker! 

  • Free up your current resources almost immediately 
  • You and your staff can focus on other responsibilities 
  • Allows you to see an ROI with improved collection rates 
  • Shortens your DSO 
  • Educates your staff about current and ongoing industry policies and changes 

Work with the Experts 

Not all DME billing companies are created equal. You want to work with the DME billing experts, who are knowledgeable at providing accurate data results. You will also receive a comprehensive monthly report showing your data. 

At Medbill, our team’s mission is to help your business reach its billing and staffing goals. When you choose to outsource to Medbill, we will:

  • Discuss your business goals, and what success looks like to you 
  • Explain the outsourcing transition process 
  • Prepare your staff with training, repurposing plans, and feedback  
  • Provide ongoing education on industry changes  

Contact us to learn how Medbill can decrease your claim denials and increase your profits!