Medbill is a Billing Department…. Not Just a Claims Submission Service

medical billing chart

Our expert Team members review ALL claims before they are sent to the Payor.  Claims are reviewed for Policy Compliance and your staff is alerted to any claims that may be missing documentation or might be susceptible to an audit.  Our Team Submits the clean claims and then informs your staff of the Errors on the remaining claims and explains how to correct them.

This Proven Process Ensures fewer denials while providing your staff with valuable knowledge regarding payor policies.  The end result is Decreased Denials, Lower DSO and an Educated Staff.


Our Team Makes the Difference

  • Our Team knows DME because that is all we do. We are a True DME Billing Service.
  • We are available for questions from your staff via email, phone, or fax.
  • We provide your staff with reimbursement tools and tips customized to your payors and product lines.
  • We provide payor medical policies to you and your staff.

The Outcome is the Difference

  • Throughout the process your staff is educated on payor rules, policies and the reimbursement process.
  • Higher Order Accuracy
  • Increased Industry Knowledge
  • More Effective Employees

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