What Is HME?

If you’re new to the medical field, you may be wondering: What is HME, and what does it have to do with billing? You have questions, and we have answers.

What Is HME?

Home medical equipment, also known as HME, is a subset of what’s commonly called durable medical equipment, or DME. As the name suggests, home medical equipment is designed to be installed and utilized in a patient’s own home, typically as a part of ongoing treatment or recovery programs.


Because home medical equipment is such an essential component of many types of healthcare plans and treatment regimens, providers of this equipment need to ensure that their billing is accurate in order to keep their cash flow stable and continue to provide quality care to patients. 


In this post, we’ll cover the world of HME in broad strokes, answering a number of common questions on the topic.

What Devices Are Considered HME?

A wide variety of medical devices, such as hospital beds, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids, are included in the category of home medical equipment (HME). HME is used in the home to treat medical conditions or illnesses. Patients who were recently released from the hospital or patients who require ongoing medical care at home are often prescribed this kind of equipment by their doctors.

What Is HME Billing, and How Does it Work?

How does HME billing differ from other types of medical billing? The process of submitting claims to insurance providers, such as Medicare and Medicaid, in order to obtain reimbursement for the home medical equipment and supplies that have been provided to patients is referred to as “HME billing.”


Billing for home medical equipment can be tedious and time-consuming, as it requires navigating a multitude of regulations and requirements regarding insurance, bill coding, and documentation. It’s absolutely vital to have solid procedures in place for accurate billing in order to guarantee that claims are processed quickly and accurately.

How Can Medbill Help with Your HME Billing?

At Medbill, we specialize in assisting DME and HME providers like you with navigating the complex processes of medical billing. Our team of experts is equipped to guide you through the entire HME billing process, from the initial documentation to the coding and billing, claim processing, payment, and final follow-up. 


By partnering with Medbill, your company can:

  • Ensure compliance with insurance regulations
  • Improve HME billing accuracy across the board
  • Liberate company time and resources for other essential tasks


It’s essential for providers like you to stay accurate with billing in order to maintain cash flow and continue to provide quality care for patients. HME plays a central role in assisting patients in managing their health and well-being while they are at home. So leave the complicated part to your team at Medbill and focus your resources on what you do best: getting your home medical equipment to people in need.

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HME billing can be difficult and time-consuming. However, with the assistance of the experts at Medbill, HME providers like you can streamline billing procedures without fear of noncompliance or inaccuracy. 


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