A Perfect Match: DME Accounts Receivable Management and You

What do you imagine when you think about things that pair well together? Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, macaroni and cheese? Have you ever thought about AR management and Medbill? While it may not be the most expected pairing, the results are impressive when those two come together! 

The Medbill AR team has a proven track record of providing excellent, consistent results for our customers. And when you have a team of individuals focused on your AR, you’ll soon start to see some incredible results.

  • Maximizing payments within the first 30 days
  • Increasing your timely cash collection percentage 
  • Reducing your overall labor costs
  • Working denied claims for a faster resolution

Instead of wondering if we’re the right option for your business, keep reading and learn how our personal touch with our DME accounts receivable management services is the right fit for you.

Keep Your Cash Flow Moving in the Right Direction

When there’s a delay in your collection process, your cash flow takes a hit, which ripples out to other areas of the business. The good news is that if you can catch those problems as soon as they occur, you can make the necessary adjustments before they impact your cash flow. Unfortunately, you can’t always be the one to spot a problem, which is why you hire a team to take care of that for you. But for various reasons (short-staffed, overworked, lack of skill, etc.), your team cannot keep problems to a minimum. That’s where Medbill can assist. 

At Medbill, we help DME suppliers with their billing concerns. Whether someone needs full-service billing or accounts receivable management services, our team is here to help. From day one, we’ll work with you to learn your biggest concerns and your goals for the future. The more we understand your needs, the better we can serve you. 

The Medbill Team is a Friend You Can Depend On 

We can share with you all the details and specifics about our DME accounts receivable management services or we can show you why you would want to work with us. Our customers are a vital part of our business. With them, we can achieve our company vision of being a trusted and essential DME partner who inspires and leads in process, expertise, and technology.

So, if you want to learn more about our accounts receivable services, we have articles that discuss accounts receivable outsourcing results and how accounts receivable services can put more time back into your schedule. Until then, look at what others are saying about their Medbill experience! 

Accounts Receivable Management with a Personal Touch

“Thank you so much, I love the growth and relationship all of us have with you and your team! Our billing is feeling so healthy, thank you again!”

“Anytime I call or e-mail a question I get an immediate response. Whoever answers the phone is always personable and willing to help out anyway they can.”

“They make me feel like I am their most important client.”

The Accounts Receivable Management Services You’ve Been Searching For 

Take advantage of a good opportunity when you see it! Contact us to learn how our DME accounts receivable management services can help your business grow to the next level.