Why Providers Love This New DME Medical Billing Software

Increases clean claim submissions with TrueSight. One cost, no additional charges. A straightforward interface. Those are only a few reasons why DME providers are choosing to use the latest DME medical billing software on the market – TrueSight! 


The experts at Medbill came together to develop a program that makes submitting claims simple for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for a DME billing software or using one right now, you’re in the right place to learn about this valuable industry tool.

What is TrueSight?

TrueSight is a DME billing software program offering a range of features that sets it apart from competitors. Developed by the experts at Medbill, this software is designed to provide immediate and long-term benefits for users. Some of its key features include:

  • Direct link to the clearinghouse 
  • Easy-to-follow interface
  • Customizable workflow options
  • An automated resupply module 
  • Straightforward pricing

The Features and Functionality of TrueSight

TrueSight is changing the game when it comes to DME medical billing software programs. It provides solutions to billing needs that you can’t find anywhere else.

#1 Submit Clean Claims the First Time

  • Immediate notifications regarding errors
  • Quick fixes for a faster turnaround time 

#2 Simple for Everyone to Use

  • Intuitive
  • Easy to navigate
  • Access to a detailed and robust online manual 
  • Save money on training staff

#3 Live Active Work List 

  • Turn any billing data dashboard into a downloadable worklist 

#4 Stay Proactive on Reorders 

  • The resupply module allows you to work on reorders in advance providing better patient care and ensuring consistent resupply revenue for your business

#5 Upfront Cost, No Surprises 

  • Only pay for the clearinghouse transactions you use
  • Software cost includes all features, no nickel and dime add-ons

Anticipated Cost-Savings from Using TrueSight

We’re going straight to the point: it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t make money. 

Software Cost Includes All Current (and upcoming) Features

Only Pay for the Transactions You Use

So Instinctual That Training is Fast

Reduce Workflow Bottlenecks and Keep Staff on Track

Money You Can Save

Smaller DME providers can expect to save thousands a month. In comparison, larger DME providers will save tens of thousands a month. Start saving money this month by contacting us right now. 

Test TrueSight for Yourself with a Free Demo

See for yourself how this program can put more control and profit back into your hands this year. Request your free demo today!  


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