Stay in the Know on Industry Changes for DME & HME Businesses

A proactive mindset over a reactive one. A take-charge attitude over an idle mind. Develop resourceful habits with everyday tasks over inactive habits. 


If you keep those thoughts in your mind and your business, you’ll equip your team to handle changes better when they occur. As a DME and HME business owner, you’re familiar with the industry’s constantly changing rules and regulations. By keeping current on anticipated changes, your business won’t skip a beat when they go into effect. 


This article will give you the resources and knowledge you need to stay updated on DME and HME industry changes, along with advice on determining a reliable resource. Because at Medbill, we’re here to provide information for your business. We have a vision of being a trusted and essential partner who inspires and leads in process, expertise, and technology. 

The Best Way to Stay on Top of Industry Changes 

We’re going to get straight to the point, for just as many dependable resources you can use, there are unreliable ones too. So we’re here to share with you some ways to evaluate a DME and HME business news outlet to determine if they’re a credible source of information.  

Review Their Level of Expertise

Who is writing and providing the information? You’ll want a source that is committed to the industry. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do they work directly within the DME or HME industry?
  • How long have they been providing news updates?
  • Do they have any employees who are members of a trade association?
  • Do they try to give back to the industry in other ways?

Determine Their Transparency

Consider these thoughts when reading their articles.

  • Is it clear what information is opinions and what are facts?
  • Do they reveal any conflicts of interest on a topic?
  • Do they include sources?
  • Do they provide other sites you can visit for more information?

Content That Provides Value

One crucial thing the article should provide is value. After reading the information:

  • Were your questions answered?
  • Will you refer to this information again in the future?
  • Do you want to share this article with your colleagues? 

Reliable DME & HME Business Resources 

While you want to avoid misinformation, using various resources to gain information is a valuable tool. Reading multiple articles can give you access to more perspectives and even help explain the changes in different ways to make it easier to understand.

Here are a few trustworthy industry sources for DME and HME business owners and billing staff.

American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) 

They provide readers with resources on the role providers and manufacturers play in ensuring high-quality care. See more on their website at

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services DME Center

An obvious choice, but still worth mentioning. They recently enhanced their website to make it even more accessible for readers and is a reliable source of information regarding industry changes and regulations. Learn more at

HME Business

The publication covers the HME industry by providing the latest news, analysis, product trends, and stories from a product perspective. Read more on their website at

Medbill News

Our team works together to provide you with up-to-date news from experts in the DME billing industry. Check out our articles at

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