Finding DME Billing Software that Streamlines Your Business

You probably know firsthand how much of an impact DME billing software can have on your billing department. The right program can streamline many of your processes, help with accurate claims submission, and potentially lead to more revenue! Unfortunately, selecting the software was a much simpler process years ago because there were only a few choices. Now that so many options are available, finding the right one has become a more time-consuming task.

As a DME billing company, the Medbill team has worked with many billing software programs and learned some of the most (and least) helpful features. This article will help you navigate the various software features to determine which will work well with your business. 

DME Billing Features That Are Must-Haves 

Since you handle sensitive patient information, your billing software must provide specific privacy options. In addition, make sure the program allows for regular updates, so everything is compliant with Medicare regulations and eligibility information and is HIPAA certified. 

5 DME Billing Software Features to Streamline Your Billing Department

Don’t be misled into thinking that a long list of DME billing features means it must be the best choice. On the contrary, those features aren’t just for show. Instead, they should serve a useful purpose. After all, what’s the point of having those extra benefits if you won’t use them? 

When reviewing software benefits, look for these top five features that will help your billing department and processes to run more efficiently. 

Payment Analysis 

This focuses on ensuring you have a complete understanding of all open claims, which helps to avoid denials and delayed payments. The system should allow you to:

  • Manage payer fee schedules 
  • Find payment errors 
  • Manage price configurations 
  • View open and denied claims 

A 360 Reporting View 

Accurate reports are an essential element since they play a contributing role in business making decisions. Look for a billing program that provides you with reports on the following:

  • Patent information 
  • Current and past claims 
  • Inventory management
  • Missing payments 

Intuitive and Smart Navigation 

Working with a program that makes it easy for your team to find what they want is an essential component, especially since it’s equally necessary that your team locates what they want and avoid the things they don’t want — which helps to stay productive and on time with their tasks. 

Additionally, consider looking for a program with smart navigation which allows the billing software program to connect with other tools and sites you use. This improves organization and increases internal processes and claims accuracy. 

Maintains Regular Updates

Check with the software developer on when and how frequently they’ll make updates to the program. Since technology is constantly growing and the DME rules and regulations continually change, you want to work within a program that can evolve to meet your needs. 

If you learn there aren’t regular updates, you might consider finding a billing software program that provides them.

Inventory Tracking and Management

Since you can only sell or rent what you have available, maintaining accurate inventory counts can help to keep everything running smoothly. Look for a program that allows you to:  

  • See inventory status on all DME, including:
    • Available stock 
    • Sold items 
    • Rentals 
  • Access your current inventory value 
  • Store equipment details for patients, so you know which items a patient is currently using

Last Few Thoughts 

Since DME billing software is a significant investment in your business, don’t rush through the process. Take the time to research the program and, if possible, talk to others using it so you can confidently make the decision that’ll work well for your team.

As you review your options, keep the following questions in your mind.

  • Will the program installation and training cost extra? 
  • Will you have software support? Will you have support help throughout the use of the program or only during the setup phase?
  • Will it work with all the lines in your business (DME, HME, DMEPOS)?

Medbill Can Equip You for Billing Success 

As a leading DME billing company, our team stays current on all industry news to provide our customers with the guidance they need to continue submitting clean claims and receiving on-time payments. Learn how we can help to strengthen your DME billing department by contacting us.