How a DME Coordinator Can Improve Your Billing

Every successful DME business needs a DME coordinator. It’s a key role in some of the essential functions of providing durable medical equipment to patients. 


What does a DME coordinator actually do? What qualities should you look for if you need to hire a DME coordinator? Is it a role that’s worth outsourcing? 


What Does a DME Coordinator Do?

A durable medical equipment (DME) coordinator works as the liaison between the DME supplier and insurance companies, patients, and medical staff involved in the patients’ care. 


DME coordinators stay busy! They’re responsible for verifying insurance, all claims and billing documentation, obtaining authorizations, and checking qualifications for reimbursement. They communicate with both patients and providers to ensure everyone knows all the details of every transaction. 


Billing is central to the work of a DME coordinator. They assist with resolving claim denials and track down any additional documentation that’s needed. If there’s one thing they care about the most, it’s making sure each patient’s needs are met as quickly and completely as possible. 


The Qualities of a Great DME Coordinator

The best DME coordinators must possess a unique set of skills. For one thing, they need to be fully versed in medical, insurance, and accounting terminology. They’re great problem solvers who find solutions within the often complicated medical insurance claims labyrinth. 


They’re also outstanding communicators who excel at listening and conveying detailed information clearly and succinctly. A DME coordinator who is positive and team oriented will likely find a lot of success in their job. 


Speaking of their job, it’s important to remember that this is a role that requires continual learning. Insurance policies, government regulations, and a host of other variables are constantly evolving, so it’s essential that a DME coordinator remain up to date on all the changes.


Other qualities that are necessary for a great DME coordinator include extreme accuracy and attention to detail, tactful yet effective negotiation abilities, and attentiveness to the needs and concerns of the patients. 


Let Medbill Be Your DME Coordinator

If you’re a DME provider, you need at least one DME coordinator, and more if your company is busy. You can hire a coordinator and pay their salary, benefits, training, and everything else involved in hiring and retaining employees. 


OR you can partner with Medbill to be your DME coordinator. Our team knows the DME process inside and out, staying up to speed with all the changes and updates in the industry. 


When you work with Medbill, you let us handle all the aspects of claims and billing on your behalf, including the often frustrating process of AR collections. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your billing is being handled accurately and on time.


And you’ll save money in the process!


Contact the team at Medbill today to discover how we can ensure your company’s success by managing your DME coordinator responsibilities.