Boost Your Business with a DME Consultant

Anyone in the durable medical equipment (DME) business knows how complicated and frustrating DME billing can be. Whether you’re trying to stay compliant with all the regulations, attempting to avoid rejected claims, or getting paid on time, there seems to be one obstacle or another to overcome. 


What if you could hire a consultant to manage your DME billing for you? What should you expect them to do on your behalf? Is a DME consultant worth the cost? 


Why Use a DME Consultant?

Because DME billing can be complex and is always undergoing change, it can be extremely advantageous to have experts managing the process for you. As you would with any professional service, you need experienced staff who are trained and knowledgeable about all DME billing requirements and practices. 


The best DME consultants provide a variety of indispensable services including but not limited to: 


  • Complete documentation and reporting
  • Customized reports for anything billing related
  • Full compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, and other federal, state, and municipal regulations
  • Up-to-date billing codes and reimbursement rates
  • A fully staffed and experienced accounts receivable department
  • Claims and rejections management
  • Secure and confidential record keeping


A qualified DME consultant should be able to tailor their services specifically to any DME provider. Whether they allow you to pick and choose from a list of services or are able to modify any of their services to meet your specific needs, personalization is essential to giving you exactly what you need to be successful. 

The Benefits of a DME Consultant

Since no two suppliers are exactly alike, each firm may have unique needs or preferences for their specific situation, location, staff, or business practices. A seasoned DME consultant knows this firsthand and is prepared to tailor their services to provide exactly what you need. They’re also equipped to handle some of the more frustrating aspects of billing.


By outsourcing your DME consultant duties, your business incurs far fewer overhead expenses. Your team is free to focus on what they do best to keep your company growing and profitable with reduced costs. 


Not only can you expect to save money by contracting with a DME consultant, but you should anticipate increasing your revenue, too. By improving your margins and ensuring faster and more productive billing cycles, your business will enjoy a boost in profits. 


Medbill DME Consultants

Medbill is a longtime expert in the field of DME billing. The highly experienced Medbill team stays up to date regarding all the industry changes, policies, and guidelines for DME. Since we customize our service for each client, we’re able to find areas where you can improve your bottom line as well as take advantage of the latest technology. 


When you outsource your DME billing with Medbill, you’ll be free to focus your time and energy on other business areas — the things you know best. The Medbill experts are ready to train your team to ready for more efficient billing practices. 


It’s time to get paid! Talk to the Medbill DME consultants about outsourcing DME billing today. 


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