Focus on Business Growth While Increasing Claim Approvals

Streamlined Billing. Consistent Payments. Business Growth. Do you know how to achieve all three without hiring a new employee to handle additional responsibilities? The answer – ala carte DME billing services. 

Sometimes a package deal with several services from a DME billing company is specifically what you need. Sometimes you need another option. Ala carte DME billing services allow you only to use the services that fit your needs and budget, along with the flexibility to make changes throughout the year. 

Outsourcing with Medbill

As a full-service DME billing company, our team concentrates on providing you with results-focused billing services

Our trustworthy reputation comes from our company core values which lead our team to provide our customers with the best services possible.

Top 3 Benefits of Ala Carte DME Services 

Here are the top three benefits of ala carte services that allow us to consistently work your billing areas while your in-house team can focus on business growth.

#1 Increase Your Staff’s Time and Capacity 

When you bring in the Medbill team, we work with your staff. As a result, your staff will learn more efficient processes, that’ll allow them to complete tasks more quickly and free up their time. When this occurs, they can focus on business growth and increasing overall revenue.  

#2 Gain a Fresh New Perspective 

Whether you need assistance with AR, audits, cash posting, claims management, or document review, our team brings a new viewpoint to the table. We’ll look at it from the perspective of increasing your claims approval rate and reducing your day sales outstanding in ensuring more timely payments.  

#3 Control Over What You Pay: More Flexibility 

You decide when to adjust your services based on business needs. For example, as you begin seeing improvement in one billing area, you can add on other services for faster growth. Then during slower times, you can decrease your services, if needed. 

Medbill’s Ala Carte Services 

At Medbill, all our DME billing services as an a la carte option.

Are You Ready to See How Outsourcing Can Lead to Business Growth?

Contact us to learn how our team can give you more time to focus on company growth while we help to increase your claim approval rate.