Communicating 2022 Insurance Changes with Patients

Welcome, 2022! As we begin a new calendar year, please make sure to communicate with your patients about their insurance changes. Then to maintain timely payments and reduce potential claim denials, verify their insurance information as they place orders over the next few months. 

2022 Insurance Changes to Share with Patients 

When you speak to your Medicare patients, be sure to remind them that their deductible has started over. Then explain that they will see an increase in order cost until they meet it. Additionally, many other commercial plans restart their deductibles at the beginning of the calendar year. Putting a simple protocol in place to remind patients of their responsibilities when they place an order will save your staff time from receiving patient calls about their bill. 

Updated Information You Need to Obtain from Patients

It’s essential to note that many patients could switch their plans to other payers or receive updated policies at the start of a new year. The best way to avoid claim denials is to verify insurance information when they call to place their order.

Collect These 3 Items During a Patient Order

When verifying insurance information, complete an eligibility and benefits check simultaneously. 

You’ll need to confirm:

  • The insurance policy is active
  • Patient responsibility amounts (deductible/coinsurance/copay)
  • Determine if the order items require a PAR (prior authorization before dispensing) 
  • Check to see if any other specific documentation is required 

Continue with Electronic Eligibility Checks

It’s important to note that not all plans follow the calendar year. Therefore, it’s a good practice every time the patient places a supply order to conduct a quick electronic eligibility check to confirm the policies are still active. This simple task will decrease claims denials due to insurance termination.

Increase Your Claim Approval Rate in 2022!

At Medbill, we’ve developed a reputation for providing quality, reliable, and superior DME billing services. One way we’ve achieved this is through our document review team. They physically review every claim before submission for accuracy. The results are increased approvals and decreased DSO. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your 2022 billing goals!