DME Problems and Solutions Surrounding Staffing Challenges

Right now, DME providers all around the United States are experiencing a similar challenge with their staffing. From the current job climate to recently announced mandates, this is becoming a growing DME problem for providers. Of course, this brings up the question, ” How can I solve my staffing challenges?” Although there’s no clear-cut solution, there are options available that can help to ease some of the challenges you might be facing.

Current Staffing Challenges 

Here are three staffing challenges providers are struggling within their company.

1. Lack of Skills

In general, DME providers are having difficulty finding people with the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in their roles.

2. High Turnover Rates

Once providers find people with a suitable skill set, there’s a high turnover leaving them in the same situation they were before.

3. Overworked Staff 

Then the staff that does stay are often overworked, which leads to late-filed claims and possible mistakes.  

An Upcoming DME Problem with the Vaccine Mandate 

Unfortunately, staffing challenges have been an ongoing issue in recent years, and there doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. In September, the Biden-Harris administration announced that certain-sized Medicare and Medicaid-certified facilities, including DME providers, will need to require their staff to have the COVID-19 vaccine. This could create a new challenge for providers who will need to overcome for any current team that may choose not to follow this new mandate. Read more about this announcement here.

Potential Solutions for the Staffing Challenges 

There are both short-term and long-term options to consider when overcoming your staffing issues.

  • Employee incentives for referring a new hire 
  • Develop a training program to teach new employees skills they might be missing from their training 
  • Provide ongoing staff training 
  • Determine a competitive compensation and benefits package you can offer 
  • Work with a staffing agency 
  • Discuss possible concerns a new hire has about the job to see if you can overcome those concerns (work transportation, childcare options, etc.)
  • Offer remote positions, if applicable 
  • Outsource your billing and AR needs to a DME billing company 

What to Expect with Outsourcing? 

There are common misconceptions about outsourcing your DME billing, including working with foreign representatives, losing your current staff due to the outsourced team, or costly services with low ROI. You don’t have to worry about those concerns if you work with a trustworthy and reputable DME billing company like Medbill. 

Medbill is a DME billing leader providing tangible results since 2005. Our team focuses on the company’s core values to help you reach your goals (staffing, billing, income, claims accuracy, etc.). Since every DME provider is different, your outsourcing transition will be unique to you, but there are certain things you can expect when working with Medbill.

Expectations with Medbill

  • Provide training, suggestions, repurposing plans, and feedback to ensure your staff remains employed if that’s your choice.
  • Offer continuing education throughout your partnership with us.
  • Ensures your staff continues to learn new or updated payor guidelines and policies.
  • Become your source for ongoing education within the DME and HME industries 
  • Provide real data with monthly reports 

It’s Time to Overcome Your Staffing Challenges 

Medbill can become your staffing resource by helping to equip your current and future staff with the knowledge and processes needed to ensure timely and accurate claims submissions, billing processes, and improved DSO. Contact our team to learn how DME billing services can help your business overcome its staffing challenges.