3 Ways DME Services Increases Your Staff’s Time & Resources

One way to achieve DME success is through streamlining billing processes, consistent payments, and little to no redundancies. Which brings up the question of how can you achieve that without sacrificing other areas of your business? By increasing your staff’s time and resources! 

When you and your team can focus on other company areas, your business can make significant efforts at growing. Several options are available that help give additional time and resources back to your staff that doesn’t involve hiring a new employee.

DME Outsourcing & Your Staff 

In an effort to achieve business success, many DME owners will begin looking into outsourced billing options. There’s a common misconception that outsourcing always results in downsizing your staff, but that’s incorrect. With the right DME billing company, they’ll work with you to achieve your billing goals, including your staffing goals. Read our past article, which discussed the Benefits of Outsourcing DME Billing to Improve Your Revenue, to learn if outsourcing is right for you.

Increasing Your Staff’s Time & Resource 

Numerous articles are available online that teach you ways to incentivize and motivate your staff to improve their work efficiency and accuracy. Unfortunately, there are only so many tasks a single person can complete, and with the current job market, hiring a new staff member could prove to be more challenging than before. 

There are other options available though, including:

  • Automate specific workflows, if possible 
  • Provide flexible work hours for current employees 
  • Minimize internal communications (emails, memos, meetings)
  • Implement more refined work processes 
  • Outsource items that are out of your staff’s scope or needs refining 

What is A La Carte DME Services?

DME billing companies, like Medbill, offer a la carte billing services. This type of option allows you to pick and choose the services that would be most beneficial to your business. It also gives you the flexibility to adjust or add additional services as it’s needed, especially during busier times of the year. 

3 DME Billing Services to Increase Your Staff’s Time & Resource 

At Medbill, all our services have an a la carte option. 

Thanks to our team, which is regularly working with DME owners, we’ve seen our customers’ three most lucrative services as cash posting, AR collection, and document review services. 

Cash Posting Services

Effectively closing a claim on time ensures consistent revenue for your business. Cash posting services are a detailed element of the billing process that helps to:

  • Track rejected and denied claims 
  • Identify ongoing errors and prevent them from reoccurring 
  • Ensure more accurate data for revenue numbers and accounts receivables 

The Medbill Advantage 

Our team helps make sure you receive the maximum revenue from your claims while teaching your staff more efficient and streamlined processes.

AR Collection Services 

Accounts receivable (AR) services are complex due to the industry’s changing payor policies, copayments, and coinsurance. Therefore, maintaining ongoing compliance is crucial to AR success. 

The Medbill Advantage 

Our team focuses on increasing your financial stability through various ways, including:

  • Price Tables – Ensure proper setup with correct modifiers 
  • DME Changes – Keep current with the latest medical policy changes and payer updates 
  • AR Follow-Up – Reopen and properly review denied claims  

Document Review Services

Preventing mistakes at the beginning of the billing process is one of the most efficient ways to avoid claim denials and delayed payments. Implementing and maintaining a comprehensive document management and review process is necessary to ensure the accuracy and compliance of DME documentation requirements. 

The Medbill Advantage 

The Medbill Pre-Review Services, which works in conjunction with our Document Review services, allows our team to:

  • Assess medical necessity documentation before fulfilling an order
  • Review patient order documents to evaluate approval chances 
  • Provide customized options to fit your needs
  • Work with your staff to provide feedback and guidance on their documentation evaluation 

Increase Your Revenue and Resources with Medbill 

At Medbill, our team will work with you to implement and maintain proper billing processes. Then combining those services with increasing your and your staff’s time ensures you receive the maximum revenue possible with each claim. 

Contact our team today to learn more about our a la carte billing services.