HME Billing and Consulting are Worth the Investment!

As an HME provider, ensuring your submitted claims are accurate and paid on time is a critical part of your company’s success. In addition, ensuring that your staff submits accurate claims is a continuous process, since payor guidelines and government regulations change often. 

That’s when outsourcing to an HME billing and consulting company can provide considerable advantages to improving and growing your company.  

A New, Refreshing Perspective 

HME billing and consulting services give your company and staff a “second set of eyes.” Which can catch common mistakes, provide suggestions, and offer a new perspective on your billing process. Even if you have an internal review system in place, an outsourced company has a comprehensive knowledge of the HME billing industry.

They might notice commonly overlooked issues including:

  • DME software technical features  
  • Additional ways to train and educate staff 
  • New technology available 
  • Faster billing processes
  • Patient communication tips 

What to Expect from HME Billing and Consulting Specialists?

Outsourcing your billing needs gives you access to qualified HME billing and consulting experts who provide professionalism and billing accuracy throughout your company. 

Billing Specialists Responsibilities 

HME billing specialist’s main goals are to improve your collection rates and billing process considerably. They do this through several different ways, including:

  • Checking and correcting HCPCS codes
  • Guaranteeing compliance with payors guidelines
  • Managing patient calls 
  • Monitoring accounts for delayed and non-payments
  • Perform medical billing functions via Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Resolving unpaid claims still outstanding 
  • Submitting and following up on claims

Between their education, experience, and ongoing learning, they are experts in the HME billing industry, allowing you to benefit from their expert knowledge.

A Short-Term and Long-Term Investment 

While outsourced HME billing services require an investment, you’ll see immediate results by working with a leading HME billing company, like Medbill. Your goal is to find a billing company whose success depends on your success. Billing companies who want you to achieve success will work harder and have better systems to ensure that goal.

Short-Term Results with Medbill 

Medbill provides a free Benchmark & ROI Review that allows you to see potential improvements within your current DME billing process. Then if you decide to work with Medbill, they can use those Review results to improve the billing process immediately. As a result, most Medbill customers see an increased collection rate within months after working with Medbill. 

One Medbill customer said, “We realized 12% growth in monthly collections within our first 8 months and we love working with Medbill’s 100% US-based staff!

Long-Term Results with Medbill 

As the Medbill team continues to improve your billing process, they also work with your staff to train them on improved billing processes. This allows you to see the long-term value of ongoing staff education, lower claims denials, and reduced aging AR.

Another Medbill customer said, “After hiring Medbill I went from an 83% to a 97% collection rate in the first 8 months and am now at 98% and within 24 months my business grew by 41%. Medbill made it possible for my employees to focus their attention on growing the business.

Are You Ready for a New Perspective? 

As a full-service DME and HME billing company, we help our customers stay current on industry changes to ensure claims are always accurate. Our staff can assist you with document review, claims submission, AR management, and additional services you might need. 

Contact us today to learn more.