Finding DME Billing Software with the Latest DME Technology

Searching for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing software can become a laborious task, mainly because online searching provides hundreds of options that you need to navigate through. However, it’s a necessary business step to help ensure success with your DME business. Here are some suggestions and DME technology features to consider when searching for billing software for your organization. 

What You Should Know about DME Billing Software 

Finding and utilizing the right DME billing software for your business is an essential part of its success. Several options are available on the market, so here are some questions to consider as you navigate the search process.

  1. Is the software capable of billing private commercial insurance as well as government insurance (Medicare and Medicaid)?
  2. Will it frequently update to ensure compliance with Medicare regulations and eligibility information? 
  3. Is it HIPAA certified? 
  4. Does the cost include installation and training?
  5. Will you have access to software support from installation and throughout the use of the system?
  6. Can you create reports within the system?
  7. Will it work with your different lines of business (DME, HME, DMEPOS)?

Software Features

Here are some features your DME billing software should include to help your billing process run more efficiently. 

  • Electronic billing
  • Create and track custom documents
  • Mobile tools to help with inventory and deliveries
  • NPI registry lookup 
  • Online insurance eligibility verification
  • Order management
  • Sales and returns
  • Total inventory control

Staying Current on the Latest DME Technology for Software 

Another significant feature to consider is if the software is up to date with the latest DME technology. Finding a regularly updated software system is a huge benefit. 

Some DME technology features you want to look for include:

  • Integration options to connect with business vendors 
  • Opportunities to connect with related apps
  • Ability to use mobile and electronic:
    • Signatures 
    • Forms 
    • Workflow management 
  • Large storage capacity to easily file patient documents 
  • Easy to navigate dashboards
  • Cloud-based system 

If you need additional information during your research process, call the DME billing software company and ask for clarity regarding their system. It’s best to discover all the information now rather than after you invest in a new system. 

Stay in the Know with Medbill 

At Medbill, we equip DME providers with valuable industry information and guidance for their billing needs. We aim to help you meet your billing needs and business goals through our DME and HME billing services. Contact our team to learn how we can help you strengthen your DME billing processes.