Ways DME Patient Pay Services Increase Profitability

DME patient pay services are a valuable resource that helps to increase a business’s profitability by collecting revenue that may be missed otherwise. With increased profits, you can improve your marketing budget, increase your staffing resources, and other business improvements.

Patient Pay Services

Patient pay outsourcing services help you with:

  • Managing incoming patient calls
  • Collecting payments
  • Navigating patient calls 

These services allow you to focus your time and resources on other areas of your business. 

3 Ways DME Patient Pay Services Increase Collections

DME patient pay services can increase collections, and thereby profitability, from three main areas: patient pay calls, collection times, and consistent, intelligent reporting. 

#1 Managing Patient Pay Calls 

Patient pay calls are a time-consuming task for businesses. Often, the patient’s inability to understand their financial responsibility can lead to long calls and unhappy patients, resulting in potential negative reviews and referrals. 

Medbill, a trusted DME billing team, uses their expertise and empathy to navigate patient calls successfully. The Medbill team uses a proven patient pay call system that results in positive and efficient patient calls. 

Some of the system steps include:

  • Collecting payments during the phone call 
  • Providing patients with FSA/HSA reimbursement documents 
  • Following a Do’s and Don’ts Procedure, i.e.
    • Do be kind, courteous, helpful
    • Don’t assume, insinuate, inflame, and ignore patients
  • Performing effective strategies for requesting pre-pay options at the time of service 

The Results

Improved patient pay calls with better customer service result in positive referrals, reviews, and repeat customer orders. 

#2 Faster Collection Times

Without a consistent, organized collection system in place, patient payments can be delayed and result in slow collection times. 

The Medbill teams use a multiple-step approach that maximizes their reach and results in faster collection times. 

Some of the steps include:

  • Patient Statements vs. Patient Invoicing Processes
  • Live outgoing calls combined with mailings 
  • Follow-ups in all areas
    • Patient deductibles
    • Updating insurance 
    • Making sure the correct insurance gets billed

The Results

Faster collection times will increase the business’s cash flow.

#3 Detailed Reporting and Tracking 

Without a comprehensive monthly report on the patient call data, you can’t make accurate business decisions. 

The Medbill team uses reporting and tracking systems to ensure timely patient balances and find areas of improvement. 

The monthly reports are:

  • Accurate – The data is 100% correct and reliable 
  • Comprehensive – Addresses every aspect of the business  
  • Consistent – Receive the report every month 
  • Intelligent – Educates your staff on significant data trends 

The Results

Access to the most accurate and essential data provides you stress-free information so you can focus your attention on other areas of the business. 

How can Medbill Help Me?

The Medbill patient pay services help you:

  • Print and mail invoices
  • Field live incoming patient calls
  • Accept phone and mail-in payments
  • Increase cash posting and reconciliation
  • Manage your patient revenue cycle management

How is Medbill different from others?

At Medbill, our experienced team of employees are also US healthcare consumers, which provides many benefits.

  • No language barriers
  • No time zone issues
  • Offering the best infrastructure in the world 

The Best Solution for Your Business 

At Medbill, we provide DME billing services to help meet your business needs. Our goal is to free up your time so you can focus on revenue growth. Contact the Medbill team to learn how our services can help you.