How to Determine if DME Billing Services are Right for You

Within the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry, staying current on payor guidelines and policies (while ensuring compliance) requires significant resources and is essential to submitting clean claims. 

Deciding to outsource your DME billing services then finding a trusted company takes time and effort. You will want to find a DME billing company to provide you with access to DME billing and coding specialists. 

Those specialists will be able to provide you with services that include:

  • Accounts receivables
  • Cash posting
  • Claims submission
  • Claims status
  • Document review
  • Keep your staff current on all payor guidelines

Increase Revenue Growth with DME Billing Services

The DME billing industry demands in-depth knowledge of payor policies and procedures (that constantly change). The industry requires you to work with rules and regulations from Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and private insurance plans. All of which have their reimbursement standards and clinical coverage guidelines. 

Learning to maintain an efficient billing process and clean DME claims submissions can require a significant time and money investment. By outsourcing all or part of your DME billing services can provide time and financial relief and allow you to focus on other areas of business growth. 

Outsourcing Benefits – DME Billing Company 

Outsourcing your billing needs provides numerous benefits. 

  • Allows you to focus on other business responsibilities 
  • Becomes an extension of your billing department 
  • Improves your collection rates
  • Shortens your DSO (day sales outstanding) 
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Educates you and your staffing on billing policies and changes 

How do I know if I need to outsource?

Your company might benefit from DME billing services if:

  • There are recurring billing issues that include:
    • Coding errors
    • Incorrect usage of the modifier 
    • Providing insufficient documentation 
    • Patient data is regularly incorrect 
    • Poor claims management
  • The collection rate is lower than expected  
  • You’re having trouble staying current on the billing regulations 

Medbill Makes the Difference 

No DME billing company and billing services are the same. Be sure to gather all the needed information to make an educated choice before selecting the best company for you.

At Medbill, our sole focus is on the DME billing industry. Our staff specializes in learning and understanding everything related to DME billing, particularly how DME policies impact your claims. 

Outsourcing with Medbill 

When you work with Medbill, we will help you to reach your business and staffing goals. Throughout the process, we will:

  • Discuss your goals and what the outsourcing transition looks like for you 
  • Equip your staff with training, suggestions, repurposing plans, and feedback 
  • Provide continuing education on payor guidelines and policies 

Finding the Best DME Billing Company for You

When you find the right DME billing company, they become an extension of your business. Medbill has the top DME billers available and employs a 100% U.S.-based staff. Our team is trained and skilled in preparing your company in all aspects of DME billing while providing you with personalized support. 

Outsourcing DME billing is something many DME providers do. Contact us for a quote on how much DME billing services would cost for you.

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