Increase Time & Resources with Pre-Review Services

Navigating the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing industry takes time and resources, which can become a distraction to other business tasks. Working with a trusted DME billing company can help you navigate the DME billing environment and free up your schedule for other responsibilities.

Our document review service provides an audit ready quality and compliance check on your billing documents. A pre-review process is available through our Document Review department if you need additional time and resources. 

Pre-Review Process Benefits 

Our pre-review process is an optional service that works with our document review. We perform the pre-review service before a product is dispensed. Typically, the Document Review department reviews all documentation post-dispensing but before billing the insurance company. 

Reviewing the order documentation before dispensing equipment helps to:

  1. Reduce non-covered equipment costs.
  2. Provide timely communication to referral sources (if additional information is needed). 
  3. Free up time to focus on revenue growth or other business needs. 

Medbill’s Document Review Services

To learn more about our document review process, read our article on “How to Successfully Navigate the DME Billing World.”

3 Ways the Pre-Review Process Increases Time & Resources 

Our pre-review services will free up your time, your staff’s time, and your resources. This will allow you to work on other business needs (customer service, marketing efforts, business growth, etc.).  

Below are three pre-review tasks we take care of during your document review service.  

#1 Review Documentation Before Dispensing an Order

During the pre-review process, we assess the medical necessity documentation and dispensing order before fulfilling an order. This reduces the amount of non-covered equipment costs with an order.

#2 Assist You During the Intake Process  

We provide your intake staff with feedback on their documentation evaluation. We review the patient order documents and determine the patient’s approval chances for the prescribed equipment.

#3 Take Over Tasks Specific to You 

We can customize our services for your specific needs. For instance, if you want us to assess the oxygen setups in the pre-review process, we can take that task over for you. 

Finding the Best Solution for You 

At Medbill, we go above and beyond with our services to help you meet your needs. Our goal is to free up your time and your staff’s time so you can focus on revenue growth. Contact the Medbill team to learn how our services can help you.