The 3 Most Effective Business Meetings

Meetings are an effective way to accomplish business tasks within a company. When meetings are organized and intentional, they help create a positive work culture and grow your bottom line. 

Brainstorms, huddles, and postmortem meetings can improve productivity, develop effective communication, increase forward planning, and more. 

1. Brainstorm Meetings 

Brainstorm meetings are a great way to bring a group together for a specific outcome. These engaging meetings can help to solve problems or generate new business ideas. 

Brainstorm Meeting Benefits

Brainstorm meetings help to: 

  • Generate new, innovative ideas
  • Evaluate potential outcomes 
  • Create clear, action steps 
  • Solve problems 
  • Unlock creativity 

Meeting Participants 

This type of meeting should include staff who can think “outside-the-box” and contribute to group discussions on different ideas. Depending on the meeting topic, it should consist of team members from various departments to provide multiple points of view. 

See Quick Results

If you need to make quick decisions or start a new project, this type of meeting is best. It provides various points of view to help you make fast decisions and with more information. 

2. Meeting Huddles

15-minute meetings huddles help bring teams together to boost morale, effectively communicate on a specific topic, and increase productivity. During the meeting, you can celebrate an individual’s or a team’s success, share project updates, and ensure the project’s goals and timeframe are on track. 

Meeting Ground Rules 

Setting ground rules will help to keep everyone on topic and focused on the meeting’s goal.

Rules include:

  • Starting and ending the meeting on time 
  • Share wins and losses
  • Stay on topic (no long backstories) 
  • Don’t try to problem-solve (that’s for different meetings) 
  • Ask for help when needed  

3. Postmortem Meetings

Postmortem meetings allow you to look back through a completed project and look ahead to make future projects even better. These meetings work well for companies that want to grow. 

Rules of Engagement

To prevent anyone from solely focusing on negative or positive outcomes, keep these two rules in focus during the meeting.

Keep the Atmosphere Light 

Most people know how they could personally do better, so focus on encouraging others during this meeting. This will help to increase successful future meetings.

Never Let it Get Personal 

Don’t allow this meeting to become the “blame game.” Address what worked and what didn’t work, don’t place blame on someone. 

Meeting Questions 

Make this meeting a learning experience by asking the following questions. 

  • What did we do well?
  • What did we learn?
  • What should we do differently next time?
  • What do we still need to work on?
  • How can we do better next time?

Meeting Benefits 

Practical, well-run meetings create a company culture of effective communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and forward planning. When planning meetings, strategically include the team members who will either benefit or assist with the meeting agenda. If the meeting agenda provides valuable information for the whole department, create a summarized report or email to share. 

There are many company-wide benefits from conducting well-organized meetings. 

Builds a Positive Culture 

When the right people attend the right meetings, you help to build a culture where the entire team enjoys and looks forward to attending meetings. 

Maximizes Productivity 

Whether everyone is gathered in person, virtually, or both, you can conduct meaningful and measurable meetings for everyone. Purposely planned meetings help to improve the team’s performance, eliminate wasted time, and maximize productivity. 

Positive Financial Impact 

The company’s bottom line can grow and improve when meetings have value. Whereas there is significant data that shows poorly organized meetings can negatively impact the bottom line. In a 2019 report, Doodle analyzed over 19 million 2019 meetings. Their results uncovered that disorganized meetings cost U.S. companies $399 billion! 

Stay Intentional 

For every business meeting held, stay intentional on the goals, schedule, and participants. The result will help build a culture where your team enjoys and looks forward to attending meetings and increasing the bottom line. 

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