Make Sure Your DME & HME Billing is Audit Ready

The best way to be audit ready for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Medical Equipment or HME billing is to have a system in place for every submitted claim. It may take the process longer to complete, but you will have confidence it’s correct the first time.

If you need additional support or the audit ready process appears too challenging, outsourcing to a trusted company can help with your DME medical billing needs.

What steps can I take to be prepared?

Here are four steps you can take to be audit ready. During these steps, focus on developing a consistent, audit ready process for future claims submissions.

Review Your Claims Process

Review all the quality control and document processes from intake to claims submission.

Review Claims Denials

Review your denial rates and reasons. This will help you to learn how to improve on future billing and collection rates.

Audit Yourself

Audit yourself by reviewing current files and try to find any gaps that could become potential errors.

Make Changes

Analyze and review all your findings and make the necessary corrections. Then use the learned information to improve your claims submissions process so you can always be audit ready.

Do you need additional help to become audit ready?

Outsourcing to a DME billing company for help can significantly reduce the time and people needed . This is a great way to help your company be ready for an audit when filing claims.

When looking for a DME billing company, consider the following.

  • Does the company understand the US healthcare system?
  • Will there be an outsourcing team working directly with me?
  • Does the solution the outsourcing company recommends cover my business and goals?
  • What’s the company’s reputation?

Medbill is the Best Audit Ready Choice

The Medbill team prides itself on billing clean claims that are audit ready. We have a Document Review Process that works with our audit ready review service that prepares you for future audits.

Our Document Review Process includes:

  • Following specific payer guidelines for medical necessity and billing procedures.
  • Procedures in place that ensure only clean claims are submitted.
  • Will act as a “human firewall” for clean claims.
  • Utilizes the same information that is required of a claim audit.

Our review differs from other companies because it is much more than a checklist. It’s a thorough analysis that starts at claims intake. We will be your support system for your team and work collaboratively to ensure claims are paid on time and audit ready.

Learn More about Medbill

The Medbill team is trained and skilled in preparing you and your team to be audit ready. As top DME billers and 100% U.S.-based staff, we offer audit assist services, DME billing services, personalized support.

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