Checklist for Collecting Payor Documents during Intake

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers need to comply with insurance guidelines for all the required documents before supplying patient equipment. Providers need to maintain proper records for claims submission. Guarantee all the patient information is correct and readily available in the medical record.

When most denials can be traced back to intake, having a system in place will help reduce claim denials. Utilize the below checklist during the intake process. Then make sure the required documents, when applicable, are obtained before supplying the equipment.

  • Standard Written Order (SWO)
  • Face to Face/Progress Note/Office Visit Note(s)
  • Testing
  • DIF Form
  • Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN)
  • Authorizations (PARs)
  • *Note that documentation must be from the physician, not the DME supplier.

Verifying the above criteria before providing equipment to the patient will help prevent a potential financial loss. DME providers can confidently supply medical equipment and know reimbursement will be allocated.

Do you have a current intake process that needs adjusted or need one established?

Medbill provides DME billing services that can assist with your intake process from start to finish. The Medbill team:

  • Is trained and educated on various payors and product lines.
  • Will review and provide feedback on supplying equipment or inform you if more documentation needs to be obtained.
  • Will be an extension of your current team.
  • Will request additional documentation from the referral.
  • Assist with any other steps needed.

Medbill will help increase your claim approval rate and help you, the DME provider, be audit ready. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you!