What services does Medbill provide, and where can I start?

Medbill is a full-service, DME billing service provider. We do everything from document review, claims submission, cash posting, and accounts receivables. We help you with “behind the scenes” activities and ensure your billing software works as efficiently as possible. We can manage price tables and enrollment in electronic transmissions (EFT’s and ERL’s). We operate a full suite of customized proprietary reporting to assist you with revenue cycle management. Additionally, we can identify and troubleshoot potential problems before it creates a cash challenge for your organization.

When moving forward with Medbill, we start with our Medbill Benchmark & ROI Review. This review allows us to uncover the areas of your greatest billing needs, measure your current percentage collected, and provide you with the potential return on investment for our services. To get started, contact our team at 888-880-6640 or on our website https://medbill.net/#contact.