Salesforce survey: Millennials want telehealth and mobile apps

Just ahead of the closing enrollment period for Obamacare, tech behemoth Salesforce released a report titled “The State of the Connected Patient 2015,” detailing the potentially huge shift in how patients interact with their providers, particularly younger patients, and how technology might help improve connectivity.

“While traditional communication channels remain popular among patients, the next generation of patients want innovations for how they connect with providers and share information,” the report said.

One increasingly common example is the use of telehealth, with 60 percent of Millenials supporting its uses to eliminate in-person health visits, according to the report. And 71 percent said they’d like to see their providers use an app to book appointments, share health data and manage preventive care.

“Technology wields huge potential for improving the management of our health,” the report said. “Both healthcare providers and insurance companies have an opportunity to revolutionize healthcare in meaningful new ways, thanks
to the power of connectivity.”

Mobile apps and devices are of the most interest to patients, according to the report. In addition, 61 percent of insured Millenials are interested in 3D printing as it applies to healthcare and health devices. Another 57 percent expressed interest in “cutting-edge tools” such as pills that can monitor internal vitals.

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