Diabetes Patients Using Mobile Reports Better Health Conditions

In a recent survey done on American Adults by digital health agency Klick Health says diabetes patients using digital tools to manage their health feel much better. A Survey Sampling International (SSI) was used by the Klick Health to take responses of 2,000 American adults with diabetes, either online or via the telephone. On the basis of the answers received from the patients, they were divided into three groups, one, who is using integrated digital technologies (integrators) on daily or weekly basis, those who use integrators on monthly basis and finally those who don’t use internet at all for managing their health.

The integrators group that with intensity uses digital technology emerged only 18 percent of total sample, however, 13 percent from that group reported to be in good health. Seekers, consisting of 47 percent of sample that use technology on monthly basis had only 4 percent found to be in good health among them. Finally, the remaining 35 percent traditionalists, who hardly use technology to manage health, were reported only 2 percent among them to be in good health.

However, 98 percent people in the group have at least some sort of internet access. Within the integrator segment, two-thirds of the patients seemed using digital tools to carry research across the patient journey: before and after doctor visits, after therapies had been prescribed, and when they had issues with their condition or therapy.

Nineteen percent of patients found in the survey using mobile technology for a health-related activity for a data-driven communications with their doctors. Two-thirds in the survey expressed preference in a favor of an app that reminds them to take their medication, 75 percent wanted apps to connect them with their doctors, and 78 percent were open to sharing personally-collected health data with their doctors.

Among all the respondents, about, 80 percent of the mobile connected groups were keen to use an app suggested to them by their doctor.

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