Stop Fraudulent Bidders from abusing Medicare…

1.1-220On January 12, bipartisan legislation was introduced in both the House and Senate that would require bidders to stand by their bids and stop speculators from gaming Medicare contract auctions for home medical equipment.

H.R. 284 and S.148 would ban non-binding bids, the biggest problem with the Medicare competitive bidding program. With the next cycle of bidding opening in less than two weeks, we need you to take action TODAY.

Please tell Congress to make sure that Medicare only works with responsible bidders. It only takes two minutes to email your elected officials and ask them to add their support these bills. Enter your ZIP code below and you can send the suggested letter as is, or add your personal story.

Don’t leave seniors and people living with disabilities at the mercy of with unlicensed entities and speculative bidding practices. If you have time, call your member of Congress personally; you can find their number in the AAHomeCare Congressional Directory.

Thank you for adding your voice to that of the thousands of individuals fighting to save homecare! Please spread the word on Facebook, we need everyone’s help.

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