Strategy shift for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has shuffled around its organizational structure, consolidating various parts of its business under more defined groupings.

The move comes as the state’s largest insurer has expanded partnerships outside its core business of providing health insurance. As with many companies connected to health care, Blue Cross of N.C. has looked to find business in new areas, such as partnerships with FastMed Urgent Care, for example, or Carolina Advanced Health.

As these new partnerships formed, however, they sprung out of disparate parts of Blue Cross, which employs 4,500 workers. A new division led by Maureen O’Connor simply titled Health Solutions will house these partnerships and be the division to look for new partners.

In May, Blue Cross announced it would outsource some of its claims service to Accenture, affecting about 375 workers.

Blue Cross will also streamline operations under a division led by Chief Operating Officer Alan Hughes. This will include the Healthcare Division and Network Management Department.

“In the new world of health care, we have to be able to adjust to changes and new realities on the spot and continue to explore ways to provide value to consumers beyond our core health insurance business,” CEO Brad Wilson says. “These changes support those goals.”

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