New app upgrades doctor-to-patient communication

Talking to your physician over the phone may save you a trip to the doctor’s office, but it could also lead to critical communication errors.

Dr. Michael Nusbaum, a New Jersey bariatric surgeon, launched a smartphone app to help doctors and patients communicate in a more reliable and efficient way.

The MedXCom app records, stores and transcribes cell phone conversations between doctors and patients – and does so in compliance with HIPAA privacy laws. Now doctors can make sure their phone conversations are understood correctly by sending the full transcript to their patients through the app.

Likewise, if a patient wants a written copy of any instructions given during the conversation, they can request the transcript and send any follow-up questions through the app’s secure text messaging system.

MedXCom safeguards both the patient and the doctor. It protects the patient if the doctor gives the wrong advice—and protects the doctor from any misunderstandings and “he-said-she-said” moments that sometimes lead to lawsuits and malpractice issues.

“Once you can get a doctor and a patient on the same secure app based platform, virtual house calls become very easy and very desirable for both parties and can be done from anywhere, anytime,” Nusbaum told

Additionally, after a patient agrees to use the app with their doctor, their entire medical history will be uploaded to the app. This allows the patient 24-7 access to their medical information and allows physicians to access a patient’s complete health profile when a call comes through.

Patients can also request appointments and stay on top of medications by setting and receiving reminders about when and how to take their medications.

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