AAHomecare PR Spurs CMS to Action

Back in January, AAHomecare issued a press release about Leonce Pierre-Lewis, a patient in New Jersey who was having trouble getting a replacement wheelchair from Medicare. This week, the Association learned that CMS has taken notice and is working with the patient to resolve the problem.

“There are thousands like Pierre-Lewis who don’t get press coverage and are silently suffering. Medicare will soon have a lot to answer for,” said Herb Paserman of Jerry’s Drug and Surgical, an AAHomecare member.

Paserman brought his former patient’s dire circumstances to the attention of Julie Driver, AAHomecare’s senior manager of marketing and communications, who brought in a media specialist to work on the story.

“Often a press release will reach people that other ways of sharing information do not,” said Driver. “This is a prime example of how effective PR can be at educating not only the public, but also government employees, about HME issues.”

If you have a story and a patient willing to talk publicly about their situation, contact Driver at 202-372-0749 or julied@aahomecare.org.

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