VCs make $3.2 million bet that your doctor will want to use Google Glass

Startup company Augmedix thinks that Google Glass has a bright future in the doctor’s office and it announced this week that it’s raised $3.2 million in venture capital to help expand both its workforce and improve the quality of its services to doctors.

SFGate reports that Augmedix has designed a program that’s “designed to allow Google Glass-wearing doctors to cut down on paperwork and spend more time with patients,” which is something that would probably be welcome by just about any doctor out there. The advantage to Google Glass is that it lets doctors take and store notes and pictures without looking away from their patients so they don’t have to waste precious time scribbling down symptoms on paper or staring at computer screens. The service also lets doctors pull up patient data instantly using Siri-style voice commands.

“We’re taking advantage of the audiovisual and sensory capabilities of Google Glass, as well as the display, to push information to and from the (electronic health record) seamlessly,” Augmedix CEO Ian Shakil told SFGate.

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