United Healthcare Advantage program cuts impacting seniors

Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro led a fiery discussion on the ongoing impact of cuts in the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage program. More than 2,000 doctors and health care facilities were dropped from the list of providers that cared for the seniors in our state.

These seniors did not hold back their frustration at a fact-finding discussion held by DeLauro in Hamden on Friday.

There was anxiety and confusion over United Healthcare dropping hundreds of doctors and health care facilities, including Yale-NewHavenHospital, from the list of providers on its Medicare Advantage program.

Congresswoman DeLauro echoed a similar sentiment.

“Its unclear as to why these cuts were made, if they were necessary and quite honestly, we have yet to get a clear answer,” DeLauro said.

That’s despite the stacks of letters DeLauro said she has gotten from state and federal lawmakers.

“They didn’t violate the letter of the law, they violated the spirit of the law and they tried to lay blame it on the Affordable Care Act,” DeLauro said.

She called it a business decision with repercussions, from which she is not backing down.

“Until they stop being evasive of what appears to be arbitrary and what appears to be reckless decisions that have put people in jeopardy,” DeLauro said.

The congresswoman wants the General Accounting Office to investigate; focusing on the role of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in monitoring and reviewing the decision made by United Healthcare.

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