Weiland Unveils Medicare Choice Act Plan in South Dakota

After traveling to nearly all of the South Dakota’s 300 towns and cities, Rick Weiland says people trust the Medicare system and says for the Affordable Care Act to really be a success in America, a Medicare option needs to be available for people of all ages. He released a plan Tuesday, if he is elected in November, that would give everyone access to Medicare.

“I really do think people in South Dakota want more choices than they currently have today. I firmly believe, and because the numbers are there, that this ‘Medicare Choice Act’ is going to create more affordable health care,” said Weiland the only Democrat running for U.S. Senate in South Dakota.

Weiland says insurance companies are profiting too much off of everyday customers.

“I think that there is always going to be a need for private insurance but there needs to be competition to insure that what private insurance is offering is affordable, as well,” said Weiland.

Weiland admits his Medicare Choice Act is still only in its infancy and says he doesn’t have the resources to fully flesh a piece of legislation out yet. But, he says, in principal, his idea would improve the Affordable Care Law.

“There were a lot of members who were very hard in their push to create a Medicare option but at the end of the day, they could not overcome the lobbyists and the big money that was flowing from the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry,” said Weiland.

The U.S. senate hopeful says Americans would pay into this Medicare plan and that’s what would keep the program up and running.

“We need a health care system, a law in this country, that incorporates all the things that people seem to agree with that came out of the Affordable Care Act but would also include this option. This Medicare choice option, we don’t have that today,” concluded Weiland.

Right now Rick Weiland is the only democrat running for senate. There are 6 republicans and one independent running for that same seat.

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