A quick look at premium prices for the Arizona health insurance exchange

HHS officials say rates in the Arizona Marketplace are lower than originally projected.

On Oct. 1, individuals and small businesses will be able to start shopping from among 106 health plans in the Marketplace. No one will be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, with coverage beginning Jan. 1.

There will be three categories of health plans: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

In Arizona, the average premium for the lowest-cost silver plan will be $248, and for the lowest-cost bronze plan will be $214.

More specifically, a 27-year-old living in Arizona who makes $25,000 a year will pay $123 each month for the lowest-cost bronze plan and $145 per month for the second-lowest-cost silver plan, after receiving tax credits. That monthly premium will be $161 before a tax credit.

For a family of four in Arizona with an income of $50,000 each year, the lowest bronze plan would cost $192 a month.

If uninsured individuals choose not to provide coverage, they will be fined $95 the first year by the Internal Revenue Service, with that number increasing each year.

A spokesman for HHS said the private commercial insurers that will provide these services won’t be made public until Oct. 1 when the Marketplace goes live and the actual rates are posted.

But in July, the following health plans confirmed with me that they plan to participate in the Arizona Marketplace:

  • Aetna Inc.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Cigna HealthCare of Arizona
  • Health Net of Arizona Inc.
  • Humana Inc.
  • Meritus Health Partners

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