Affordable Care Act providing potential targets for Scammers

Enrollment begins for a national health insurance program in two weeks, and Wisconsin officials are already bracing for what could be an unprecedented wave of fraud attempts.

The National Consumers League said criminals across the nation have begun using confusion over the Affordable Care Act to pressure consumers into divulging personal information, the Press-Gazette Media reported.

Consumer-rights officials say they haven’t heard of problems in Wisconsin yet, but they’re getting the word out now so people can be vigilant.

“We know it’s coming our way,” said Susan Bach, director for the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin’s northeastern region. “It’s only a matter of time.”

The Federal Trade Commission received 1,100 complaints in May about telephone scammers claiming to represent the Medicare program and demanding personal information.

Many cited the health reform law as the reason for the call.

Americans can start signing up for health insurance programs on Oct. 1, and coverage will begin Jan. 1 for those who sign up by Dec. 15.

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