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A/R Allegiance Group, LLC (ARA), a software and services company focused on helping home medical equipment (HME) and durable medical equipment (DME) providers automate patient billing workflows and collections, announces a partnership with HME entrepreneur Dave Bargmann. Bargmann is the co-founder of Akron, Ohio, based Invacare HCS, which is being closed on August 30, 2013. Invacare HCS was formerly Bargmann Management LLC d/b/a Homecare Collection Service (HCS) before being sold to Invacare Corporation in 2008. Bargmann will work with A/R Allegiance on sales/marketing and other strategic initiatives that add significant value and enhance the customer’s patient billing experience.

Bargmann’s reasoning for partnering with us was simple. “A/R Allegiance is the only company in the field that takes a comprehensive approach to getting you paid. At HCS, we always were concerned with being able to properly communicate with patients, either with making or receiving phone calls,” he said. “I decided to align with A/R Allegiance because they use every tool available, including an online payment portal tailored to your organization, making and receiving telephone calls, emails, text messaging and more. Every patient has a preferred way of communicating, so they give them plenty of choices to pay what they owe. In short, if your patient does not pay once they’re in A/R Allegiance’s system, then they probably can’t pay.

“With higher co-pays and deductibles on insurance policies today, and healthcare reform further complicating patient billing, patients are directly responsible for a much larger portion of healthcare costs than ever before. A/R Allegiance is the only comprehensive solution to ensure you are collecting every dollar you deserve.”

According to Keith Lilek, founder and CEO of A/R Allegiance, “We are thrilled that Dave Bargmann has chosen to partner with us. His endorsement of our solution is a testament to the hard work and dedication of each of my co-workers, and we look forward to continuing to provide superior patient receivable solutions to the HME/DME industry.”

As company founder, Keith Lilek has over 25 years of experience in the industry. ARA helps companies reduce collection costs through innovative management of the accounts receivable cycle, without going directly to a collection agencies for solutions. ARA provides the necessary processes and tools that will greatly reduce the labor by automating the entire billing and collection cycle. ARA differentiates itself from competitors by bringing automation to a manual process, integrating directly with a client’s patient management system, automating the business rules criteria for assigning accounts, and bringing technology where it wasn’t available before.

Bargmann is a seasoned professional in the HME and infusion industries. He has significant experience in sales, marketing, social media, operations, accounting and financial management across multiple industries. Dave served as Vice President of Invacare HCS, and was responsible for integrating HCS after its sale into Invacare Corporation (NYSE: IVC). As Co-Owner of HCS, he created innovative service solutions in consulting, reimbursement, patient compliance and systems optimization for the HME and Infusion industries. In three years, he helped grow the business to over 110 associates servicing more than 300 customers nationwide at the time of acquisition.

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