NCAMES: NCTracks Update

NCAMES continues to work with DMA and CSC regarding technical issues and system performance incosistancies with NCTracks Claims Processing System and here is the latest:

1. Though CSC is in process to add additional call center staff to help handle the volume of calls, NCAMES reported to them that the experience is still having over one hour wait times for calls.

2. CSC has processed over 4,000,000 claims with 375,000 of these as batch medical and they have tested every type of claims they process with no issues in the testing but NCAMES has pressed for more information:

  • A detailed breakdown of the taxonomy claims for the DME industry as there have been issues specific to our claims processes that pharmacy and hospitals have not experience.
  • Cash-flow: NCAMES members have already had to miss one check-write due to this changeover and we don’t need further delay due to inaccurate claims processing issues that we could have prevented. Cash-flow is EXTREMELY important to all and this could put some providers out of business if it were to continue. CSC promised to get more claims processing information to make sure our industry will get paid for services already provided.

3. Speed performance is improved but we reported to them that it is still not what it should be and we need continued improvement for us to get through the backlog volume of claims.

4. Taxonomy issues are still occurring, though some are input error, companies are still experiencing problems and CSC is getting information to report back to NCAMES.

5. Many companies are still unable to upload items for EOBs or prior approvals. NCAMES is pushing for an immediate resolution as it is creating huge backlogs for the physicians, providers, and their staff as they are processing at least double the number of prior approvals than normal.

6. NCAMES was able to get the plan type added back to the eligibility checks.

7. Narrative on the new CMN form does not allow enough space to justify the medical need of the items, let alone the additional items on the form. We have asked them to fix this problem.

8. On the NC Tracks Prior Approval entry for DMA, DME: We have asked for clarification on Prior Approvals – there is not a section for the ordering physician anywhere in this on-line process.

9. NCAMES continues to press for prompt attention to these critical issues you are reporting to us and we plan more conference calls to assist in a resolution.

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